Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of 2 months)

Dear McCoy: (of 2 months)
You're actually a bit older than 2 months. Mommy forgot she wanted to post. Oops!
Someday I may want to look back and remember what these days were like, so here's a day in the life of the 2 month McCoy:
6:15am=Wake up. Nurse in the rocking chair.
7am=Change diaper. Play time! Play in th floor activity center. Batting/kicking practice. Tummy time. Mommy eats breakfast and has coffee while sitting by you. Then Prudy gives Mommy her morning kisses. We also take Prudy out during this time.
7:30am=Quick Nap
8am=Eat again
8:30-10=Play for a while, do some one handed chores like empty the dishwasher, and then short nap in the car seat while Mommy showers
10am=Eat again
10:30am=Play for a while, then nap in the bouncy while Mommy gets her lunch ready, supper planned for that night, and whatever else needs to be quickly cleaned
2pm=Eat again
2:30pm=Play for a while, then sometimes a short nap
4pm=Eat again, then either get cranky, take a nap or play with Daddy whenever he gets home
6pm=Eat again, then nap or be cranky
8pm=Eat, then bath if it's bath night, or just get pj's on
9:30pm=Last feeding of the night

At night, you sleep in your bassinet in our bedroom. Mommy isn't quite ready to move you into your room yet, but she knows she has to soon. You are very smiley now and I think you really want to giggle, but haven't figured out how to do that yet. You are better in the car now that Mommy put a mirror that has this brightly colored elephant on it for you to look at. You usually do pretty well in church on Sunday morning, but when Mommy plays for the Wednesday services, you like to be fussy for Auntie Vicki. Mommy really likes to play dress up with you and you will let it happen for short bouts at a time. Your cranky time is usually around supper time, which is not so fun for Daddy because that's right about when he gets home from work. One day last week, cousin Layne came with us to Mommy's school so she could get some work done. You loved her long hair! You kept grabbing at it and got a few strands out. Poor Layne! Next time we'll bring a ponytail! You still are a rock star with a bottle and will drink about 5 oz at a time. You are starting to handle your baths a little better. It's not that you really like them yet, you have just stopped screaming bloody murder during them. You think it's funny when Mommy talks whale and will usually smile. Yesterday we had you go to daycare for a few hours to get used to it. You were just fine, but Mommy kept checking her watch to see when I could go get you again! You still don't have much hair. You have started to bat at objects. I also think you like to have noise around you constantly and you don't seem to mind Prudy's kisses.
Oop, Daddy's home which means time for a little father son time before Daddy has to go to bed and you get your bath!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of 7/8 weeks)

Dear McCoy:

You've made it to week seven. I've been a little behind on posting, so I hope I rememer everything!

We took you to your 2 month appointment just a little early because originally we thought we'd need the extra check for weight. Turns out, you are 10 lbs, 10oz, and 23 inches long, which means that you are growing even more than you are supposed to. Exclusively breastfeeding, and letting you go on your own schedule instead of the every two hour deal is working for you. What a huge relief! This appointment also meant that you got your 2 month shots which Mommy wasn't exactly prepared for. Luckily, Nurse Heidi asked another nurse to help hold his legs so I didn't have to. I think those shots hurt my heart more than they hurt your legs! You did pretty well though. You were just sleepy when we got home so Mommy cuddled you a lot. And checked your temperature about a million times because I was paranoid that you would get a fever as a side effect and I really wanted to be on top of it. I know-first time mom!

This past week was a bit of an adjustment for you and I. Daddy started a new rotation at North Memorial which means that we are home alone all day and Daddy doesn't get to help with the night feedings because of his commute. We're figuring it out but we still have a lot of kinks to work out. I've played with your schedule a bit to see what helps you sleep best. The past two nights I've been giving you your bedtime feeding at about 9:30pm, and then you've been sleeping until 4am. You'll go back to sleep, but wake up again at 6am and be ready for the day. You are a morning person, and mommy just has to get used to it!
We finally have baptism set for you on August 22nd. We had a hard time finding dates and we changed churches in the middle of our planning. But now we are good to go. You'll be wearing Uncle Erik's outfit. Now mommy just has to plan the meal and we should be all set!. Eeks!
Youve been flashing lots of smiles lately! Daddy and I know how to get them out of you and we've captured some on the camera! I'm still waiting for that giggle. It seems like you are soooo close!
You've just moved into your 3 month/0-3 month clothes. I love dressing you up everyday. Garage saleing is also really fun because I've found some really cute stuff. Turns out, I'm a sucker for plaid shorts, dinosaurs and monkey outfits!
At the end of July, you had a Helland family get together/baby shower with your second cousin (that's what we'll call her!) Claire. You fussed and slept a lot. But you also got a ton of clothes! Like I said before, I have waaay too much fun dressing you up!
Your eyes are still that beautiful dark blue and I really think they are here to stay! I'm pretty sure it came from the Helland side because they are all blue eyed! I have blue/green eyes, but I have one sister and my mom with blue and that's it.
Last week you got to visit your daycare home. The kids were all very excited but of course, you slept through the whole thing. Next time I'm sure you'll be ready to show off!

We also completed our first 5k. You and I walked the whole thing while Daddy and Auntie Steffie ran it. After they were finished they came back and walked the rest with us. I was nervous about how you would act, but you did awesome. You were awake and content for about half of it, and then fell asleep for the second half.
Since Auntie Vicki is done doing daycare, she held a garage sale to get rid of her toys, but you got to pick some out first. You have some fun riding, pulling, exploring type toys plus the big legos. I'm excited for when you actually get to play with them!

Being a mommy is definitely an adjustment. One thing I've recently noticed is that watching the news really seems to affect me. I hear all these stories about bad parents, or crazy things that happen to kids and I want to hold you even closer. I was somewhat of a news junkie because it always seemed to be on when I was feeding you. I've tried venturing into other genres, but there is only so much of "Jersey Shore" that one person can take!

Well, Mommy should move on to some housework/schoolwork. (Even though she'd much rather ramble on about you!) We'll talk soon, and I'll try to get better about updating this more often!