Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dear Baby Helland: (of 8 weeks)

First off, Happy Halloween! Daddy woke up with a great idea this morning. He thought that next Halloween when you'll be about 4 months, we should dress Prudence up as a baby and you up as a hot dog. We had a good laugh about that!
So yep, we've made it to 8 weeks and I haven't spilled the news to everyone yet. Tonight will be another test. We're having some Morris friends over, and it'll be really hard not to say anything. We'll just do our best.
The nausea is getting a little better, but part of me thinks it's because I've been able to sleep in the past two days. I also read in the baby book that now is about the time to start eating 6 small meals instead of 3 big meals. The long time in between meals makes my blood sugar low making me feel icky and moody. Makes sense to me.
A few nights ago I had a dream about our first doctor visit. I have to admit, I'm not looking forward to that. I have a fear of doctor visits anyway. I think this one worries me more because I've never had to do this type of appointment before. I've never had blood drawn and that scares me. It will help that daddy gets to be with me for the appointment. Here's some more personal info about your mom-I've actually had to take xanax the last few doctor appointments. And those are just for regular yearly visits. I know that I can't take it anymore so that has me stressed out a little. Yes, I know it's probably not a big deal, and yes I will survive, I just worry a bit.
Let's get to something happier. Tonight will be really fun. I'm really looking forward to it. It's always nice to see friends. Speaking of tonight, I better finish cooking and cleaning!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7 weeks and feeling the effects.

Yep it's hit now. Mornings are pretty rough. It doesn't really get better until midafternoon. But it's a weird type of nausea. It's not necessarily that I need to hurl. It's just an overall icky feeling and nothing sounds good to eat. By supper time, I'm finally hungry, but only for bacon. I could seriously eat bacon everyday. I sometimes question whether this baby is really mine because chocolate has not been appealing. I think it actually has been days since I've had chocolate. And that NEVER happens. I'm a Schuft. Schuft's have chocolate after every meal.
Oh and I'm even more exhausted. Right now, I'm fighting to stay up past 7pm. Sleeping has been interesting as well. Getting up to pee a few times a night, (ok it's usually only once, but one night I had to get up twice!) is not super fun. Then finding a comfortable sleeping position is difficult. Sleeping on my tummy is bad for my neck, sleeping on my back hurts my back and sleeping on my side isn't very satisfying. I've tried the pillow between the legs thing, but I don't know that it really works.
Ty and I are getting pretty anxious to tell people. I'd like to have a better excuse as to why I look and feel horrible, and carry saltines everywhere. Two to three weeks and we should get past the doctors appointment. Then we'll be able to spread the news.
So yes, this one was a lot of complaining, but since I can't really tell anyone besides Ty, you get it all on here. I'll try to be a bit more positive next time!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

7 weeks, and the baby blues hit...or did they...

So we're 7 weeks along today and feeling pretty good. Until about 1pm. Today is my niece Payton's birthday party. We haven't told family yet, so this will be a real test. I showered and thought I had an outfit picked out. And it just didn't look right. So I tried on another, and another, and another. Things were not fitting or looking right. I finally settled on this t-shirt and sweater vest thing because it wasn't too snug(cause you would see the slight belly bump that I feel like I have already!) but not too baggy(I don't want them to assume we're hiding something). I felt like a pile. Even this outfit just did not feel right. The sleeves felt too tight around the arm holes, the front felt longer and bunchy and it was super uncomfortable on my neck. So I sat on Ty's lap and cried. We discussed how yes, my body will be changing, but I didn't think it would happen this fast. I thought "Man it will be a long 7 months yet". After a few minutes, and a few hugs, I went along with my day. And then it hit me. How my outfit was feeling, should not be from the baby. It wasn't all related to a belly. Then I looked down the front of my t-shirt, and yes, there was my tag. I had put my t-shirt on backwards. All that crying was basically for nothing related to the baby. So I had a little laugh, and put my shirt on the correct way. Life is much better now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Dear Baby Helland:

So here we are on a Friday night and boy are you making me tired! Daddy's been working long hours at the hospital, so we're happy just watching a tv movie and being lazy. By the way, you're already starting to cost us money. We are going through toilet paper like you wouldn't believe. Daddy would also like you to know that you will grow up playing boaties and jazz with him. Oh and you have to be a boy. (Not really, he's just being silly. You'll get used to it.) He also would like to remind you that you can grow up to be anything you want, you just have to play football, basketball and take piano lessons like we've discussed before. Now daddy's just getting silly with this blog so we'll talk to you later.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Baby Helland:

Some soon to be mommies write a pregnancy journal, but I think it would be fun to write directly to you so here goes.....
So far, you've been pretty easy to take care of! Yes you make mommy pee all the time (even though daddy thinks it's in my head) but that's nothing like some people have to put up with. I have been having food aversions lately. Mushrooms have not been friendly with us and some sauces have thrown us off. You could eat pizza every meal for every day. You'll fit in just fine in this family!
I'm excited for when you get ears! (It should be around 22 weeks and did you know they started in your neck?!?) I really like to read, especially children's books, so I'm going to read to you. And I'm sure daddy is going to have you listen to jazz music. He's hoping that you'll be a drummer. That would complete our family band. Regardless of what you end up playing, you will take piano lessons. It's just part of being in this family. If Prudence had longer fingers, she'd take lessons too.
We're also going to refer to you as Baby Helland until you're born. We don't want to find out if you're a boy or girl. Daddy said that if I knew, I'd buy too much stuff for you, and he's probably right. So this will be a surprise. I'm a little curious considering the Helland side is dominated by boys, and the Schuft side is dominated by girls. We'll just wait until June to see who wins! And when people ask if we have names picked out, we're going to tell them you'll be named Fuloola or Boseefuss. Don't worry, that isn't what we'll really name you. We've got some awesome names picked out! We just aren't going to tell people because Mommy is a little too sensitive to criticism. So we'll just keep that our little secret.
You might hear Daddy say that you're a boy. He just says that to be funny. If you're a girl, don't worry he'll love you just as much.
And if you would, Baby Helland, please be kind to mommy during labor. I'm horrible with pain, doctors and have a fear of the unknown. Maybe I'll grow up tremendously in nine months. And don't be offended when I get drugs during your birth. If I didn't, I would probably say a lot of things that I probably didn't mean, would be crying hysterically and inevitably screaming. I'd like you to see a mommy that looks fairly calm, and has tears of joy instead of tremendous pain when we first meet!
As for now, I think that's all we really need to discuss. We'll talk soon!
Well, sadly, today I'm home with the icks. I haven't been sick yet this year and I don't think it's the H1N1 flu because I don't have a fever, but I still feel icky. It could be because of the baby. If it is, then I just need to buck up and deal with it! It's hard to be home from school, but luckily, they get an actual music teacher for their sub. And it just happens to be a fellow Morris grad. How lucky is that! It can be really sketchy when a sub is needed for band or choir. I tried really hard to have recordings made last year so that my kids never had study halls. I just don't believe in them. Period. Study halls really mean "get into whatever trouble you want to". So yeah, thanks for stepping in Brian!
Speaking of my job this year, let's talk about that for a bit:
I'm lucky I found a position that was close to Glencoe. Yes it's part time, but it's a teaching job. I'm trying really hard to get these kids to where they should be. They haven't been given much attention so we're doing a lot of catch up. I'm a lot more strict this year than I was up the in the Bay, but I think it's because these kids need it more. Or it could be that what they had previously was soooooo lax, that I'm just structured but it comes off as strict. Whatever the case, I'm really trying. I haven't really dreaded going to work and only one day have I come home in tears(it was just an emotional day anyway). I really like teaching band, but sometimes I miss teaching choir. I loved my kids in the Bay. I felt like they would have done anything I asked. Or maybe that's just how groups of kids are different. Ty reminds me that it didn't start that way up in the Bay. So maybe next year it'll be different at LP.
And now onto living in Glencoe.....
I'm really happy where we are right now. We're close to both of our families, and close to both of our jobs. We're renting from family. Things just really fell into place and I need to remember how lucky I really am. I love being able to see Morgan & Payton's volleyball games, running down to LeCenter for a Friday night football game to support my father-in-law's team, or just helping out family by hanging out with some nieces and nephews while their parents finish up work. I did really miss teaching piano lessons. It would be even more convenient if they all could take place in one location instead of having to "rent" out a church or school, but that will come with time. And Prudence likes it too. She gets to go to the farm all the time, and is even warming up to our neighbor Pastor Ron (he bought treats for her, so everytime they met outside, she stopped barking and would actually let him pet her!).
Well, Ty just called that he's coming home too. I guess even doctors get sick. Prudence will have a lot of cuddling to do today. Mommy, daddy and baby need it!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

So what's new with the Helland's you ask:
Well, we are expecting! We found out on October 10th that Baby Helland is on the way. So far everything has been going well. Once we make it past our first 10 weeks and know that the baby is safe and healthy, which should land us at about Thanksgiving, we get to spill the beans to our families and friends. It'll be the 13th grandchild on my side, and the first on Ty's. Exciting times!

Other random thoughts:
*The Dominos commercials are driving Prudence nuts. They have such a real sounding doorbell that whenever that commercial plays, she runs to the door and barks for about 15 minutes.
*A sign that I'm getting old: Last night Ty and I went to the Mutemath concert at First Ave. Great concert, but all I could talk about after the concert was how loud it was (even with earplugs), how surprised we were that so many young people came out for it, and how annoying "the swayer" was in front of us. Seriously, this man took up so much space. I understand a slight bopping back and forth or feeling the need to shift your weight on your feet, but this man was horrible. I was so distracted by his moving that I almost missed when the drummer put the bass drum in the audience and stood on it. Oh, another sign I'm getting old-Instead of thinking "oh cool!" I thought, "that's so dangerous, he better not fall, he could get seriously injured!"