Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 37 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (of 37 weeks)
Well, Baby Helland, you are considered full term this week. It's been a busy week 37. We had a wedding shower for a friend, a family baby shower for us, a school baby shower for us, another doc appointment and a band festival/valleyfair trip with Mommies students. First up-family baby shower: For some reason, this made me feel like I was ready to take you home. Maybe finally getting the car seat/bases and making it legal for us to take you home hit the spot. Who knows. We got a ton of stuff and now only need a few more items before we basically have everything we need in order to take you home and take care of you. Your aunts made everyone fill out a card with some of their guesses as to what gender you are, how big you will be, if you will have hair etc. It was an overwhelming majority that thought you were a girl. I'm thinking so too, but I really have no basis for this guess other than "I just feel like it"! Your aunts also think that you will be arriving on the 12th of June because it took 12 sheets of toilet paper to fit around my belly and a lot of people guessed the 12th as well. I'd be ok with it. That's the day that your cousin Michael has his graduation party but I think he'd understand if we couldn't be there!
Next up-the work baby shower: It was so nice of Mommies co-workers to throw a little shower for her and the other co-worker who is expecting. We had yummy punch, desserts and some pretty fun gifts. You'll really like playing with those gifts.
After that baby shower it was time for another doc appointment. I was a rock star at this appointment! Pretty simple again. My measurement didn't change this week, but Dr. Leino said that could be because you dropped/settled a little lower. You're still sitting at about -1 station meaning you're getting ready to go.
Lastly-band festival/Valleyfair: Mommies students are used to doing this trip at the end of every year. We go to a high school in St. Paul and perform, then spend the rest of the day at Valleyfair. Just in case you decided to show up, Daddy came along as a chaperone. Our performance went pretty well and the kids had a great time at the park. It was a beautiful day to be outside. I tried to drink a lot of water and the vendors must have felt pity for me because they kept giving me free ice water! Luckily, a college friend also brought his band, so Daddy had a ride partner for the day.
I think my students ask if the baby fell out every day. One student, in reference to the Valleyfair trip, asked "What if you go on a ride and puke up the baby?" Obviously this student doesn't quite understand the human body yet. And yes, these are high schoolers.
Mommy and Daddy were exhausted from the day in the sun so we went to bed early. And now it's 330am, and Mommy can't sleep. So I'm catching up on some tv/e-mail instead. Prudence was helping from 1-3, but now she's given up and decided to go back to bed.
Maybe I can just go refold all of your blankets/clothes........
Meet you soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 36 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 36 weeks)
You've stayed in hotel mommy for another week, and seem to be getting a little more uncomfortable. I was thinking about how you are sitting, and I really don't know how much longer you are going to want to stay like that....but don't worry, in a few weeks, you'll be able to stretch!
This was a busy week for mommy. She had her band concert Tuesday, played for Tralle's musical auditions Thursday and Saturday, had the graduation performance Friday and a shower on Saturday. Whew! This is definitely a push to the end of the school year. Only a trip to Valleyfair left this week and then most of the stressful stuff will be behind us!
We had another doc appointment on Friday. I freaked out a little because I knew they needed to examine things a bit more starting at this appoinment, and I didn't realize I had to do the Group B strep test, so I cried a little. I was really hoping that I was done with the whole freaking out at appoinments deal, but I guess not. Dr. Leino is so quick I really don't know what my problem is! But anyway, you are sitting exactly where you should be. We are maybe dilated at 1cm, but you are at -1 station which means that we should be set up for a decent delivery. It still would be nice if the stork took you out while I was sleeping, but I really don't think it will happen that way!
You received your first pair of shoes this week! Frauntie Claire and Fruncle Tralle wanted to get a little something for you because I helped Tralle with some auditions, so you got bibs, onesies and tiny little sandels. They are super cute! I love little baby shoes, but Daddy is so practical he wouldn't let me buy any for you. Now I don't have to lie about how baby ended up with shoes because someone else actually did buy them! Thanks Tralle's!
Auntie Kristen gave us our shower gift early because she wouldn't be able to make our shower. You got a little outfit, (with a giraffe bib-I'm a sucker for those animal bibs) a little baby piano that will also teach you to count to five in french and spanish, and two books-Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and Love You Forever. Daddy has already read both of them to you and played with the piano! We start you early! Thanks auntie Kristen!
I've been thinking lately about what type of home you'll be coming into. I know you'll learn soon enough, but I thought I'd give you some heads here goes........(plus someday I want to look back at this and see if anything changed!)
-Mommy and Daddy split household chores....Daddy does dishes and vaccuums and Mommy does bathrooms and laundry. Everything else just happens randomly.
-Mommy and Daddy drive the same cars. Same model, same color, but two years different. Kinda goofy. and not planned, just happened that way.
-Daddy likes to listen to MPR and jazz when driving. Mommy listens to what daddy calls "booty music". (It's just pop music, but that's what Daddy calls it!)
-Daddy drives the speed limit and does most of the driving when we are together. Mommy drives a little faster, but not so fast that she needs to worry about getting speeding tickets. She does not like driving in the cities. Ick.
-Mommy does most of the cooking and baking, but it's ok because she enjoys it. If Daddy were in charge of supper, we would eat frozen pizza every night, and he might make Reese's bars (the one dessert he knows how to "bake"). We eat a lot of pizza anyway in this house, so just be prepared. Daddy makes dip eggs and Mommy cannot get them right. That's his specialty.
-Mommy is more of a classically trained musician. Daddy is more of a jazzer. You will love both. It's been decided. Your options for band instruments are the french horn with trumpet for jazz, or a double reed with sax for jazz. You will play piano too. No getting around it.
-Daddy is much more athletic than Mommy. I pray you get daddy's genes on this one. Someday I'll tell you the story of when Mommy attempted to finish a 5k. (Got passed by old granny with an ipod, ambulance gave up on me, and I ended up "pretending I was just shopping the craft fair" instead of actually finishing the race) It's not a sad story, it's actually quite entertaining.
-Daddy builds/plays boats. Mommy scrapbooks and makes cards. You'll find a hobby too. Daddy is really hoping that you'll like boaties because he really does.
-Prudence rules the house. She will probably be very protective of you. At least that's how I hope it goes. She does not like repairmen, the postal worker or the UPS man. She's finally started to like our nieghbor Pastor Ron, but only because he gives her treats whenever they meet outside. Some might say she's a little spoiled. Or a lot......
We'll add more to the list next time. For now Mommy must get to bed so she can get up to play for early church in the morning!
We'll talk soon!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 35 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 35 weeks)
Doc appointment went well again last week. Still measuring right on and your heartbeat is where it should be. The next appointments are a little more involved and I'm hoping I stay calm like I do for the easy ones. Next Friday those start.
This past weekend Daddy and Auntie Steffie ran a half marathon in New Prague. (Yep that's 13 miles) It was super cold and even started sleeting at one point. Daddy's never ran a half before. He's always done the 5-10k's. It took them about 2 hours to run it. I can' imagine running for two hours straight, but I hear it becomes an addiction. My job was to drive out to the viewing points and take pictures as they run past. I totally missed daddy at the 5 mile marker, and then I forgot to turn the camera on. Gr. But at the 8 mile mark I got pictures of both Daddy and Steffie and then also got them both as they crossed the finish line. I'm definitely not as good at taking pictures as Daddy is, but I'm trying! After the marathon, I had to play for a wedding and then we went out to the farm because that's when the Schuft's were celebrating Mother's Day.
I did not feel good starting Saturday. I caught a cold somewhere and it was starting to get to me. It's not fun to be sick while pregnant. You already can't sleep because you are just uncomfortable, and then you add the coughing, stuffy nose, sore throat junk on top and it's not a fun situation. I started to lose my voice this week, but now I think we're actually starting to get better.
I'm in a wierd place with this pregnancy. I'm excited to meet you, but there's also this sense of "holy crap am I really ready". Last night Daddy asked "now which week are we on, is it 35 already, wow!). And my reply was "don't remind me". I then told him that the stork is going to come and take you out of my tummy while I'm sleeping and my body will be right back to normal when I wake up. Daddy laughed and said that it probably won't work that way. Ugh. Am I really ready to handle functioning on no sleep? Will I be able to figure out what you need at the right time? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Well, Mommy's gonna get her Friday started. School, then date night with Daddy. (Dinner and a movie while we still can!) We'll talk soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 34 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 34 weeks)
It's really crazy to think that we have less than six weeks to go until we actually get to meet you. It had seemed like it would take forever for nine months to pass, and now it's almost over. I hope you wait until Mommy gets done with all of her performances at the end of this school year to arrive, but after that, you're welcome to be born any day!
I feel like my belly is growing faster now than it has been the other months. I have to catch myself sometimes because I'll think I can just "run" somewhere quick or move some big thing to where I want it, but it's a lot more difficult now. So far I haven't had any contractions or real pains, but my feet are getting a beating. Even daddy thought my feet needed some TLC!
Daddy has been putting jazz music on the ipod and setting the earbuds on my tummy so you can listen. He really wants you to be exposed to jazz music. I haven't been able to tell if you have really reacted, but maybe next time you could kick a bit so Daddy feels like he's getting somewhere!
Mommy and Daddy got a new toy this week. Remember that new camera I had mentioned before? Well, we have it now! Plus an extra lens. Daddy has been playing a lot with it and understands so much more about what it is capable of. Mommy isn't so patient, but I've been trying to play with it a bit. He's gonna take such cool pictures of you though!
We have another doc appointment this week. Should be another simple one. The next time we go, it's an every week occurance. I used to get so worked up before any doc appointment, and now they seem like no big deal. I hope I stay this calm when you decide to make your arrival. If you just want to basically jump out when I say ok............that'd really help Mommy out! Ha!
Well, sorry this is a short and kinda boring post, but there isn't too much to report right now!
We'll talk soon!