Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Baby Helland (of 16 weeks):

Well, we survived our four days of x-mas, and all went as planned even with the crazy snowstorm. Mommy, Daddy and Prudence decided to stay at the farm on x-mas eve because the roads were icky, and we'd have to come right back the next day anyway. The Simonett's were out there as well, so it was a fun night. On x-mas day the rest of the Schuft clan arrived. Cousins Morgan and Payton had a bunch of questions about how you and mommy were doing. Wilson was obsessed with mommies belly, and I was weirded out a little by it. She thinks since the other grandkids don't like her that much, that she has to reign you in right away. Plus, she'll only have about three months with you before she heads off to college. And she's also requested four pictures of herself to be hung in your room so you know who she is. She's pretty silly. You even got a gag gift that day. Auntie Connie has stuff left at the farm, and since it's been there for quite a while, your other aunts wrapped it up and gave it back to her. Except for a set of baby books that we think are from Ellie. They are all the Sandra Boynton ones so they are really good ones. Plus, someone wrapped up an Antique breast pump for us. It's glass and kinda cool I guess, but it's still a little weird to me, so it's getting tucked in a closet for now.
The day after x-mas we headed down to LeCenter to have the extended Helland side x-mas. That day is always fun because there is constantly at least one game being played. This year, the new game was Quelf and it was pretty awesome. You have to do some crazy stuff, but it's really fun especially with the right people. Then the next day we had our small Helland x-mas. Auntie Kristen couldn't resist and bought you some bibs and hats. They just happen to perfectly match the little gloves I bought you a while ago. Great minds think alike! Auntie Kristen and Uncle Erik are pretty silly. They told us how they were discussing what each of them would teach you. Auntie Kristen said she'd teach you math since she already teaches that anyway. Uncle Erik has big plans for you. First, he's teaching you to be an acrobat, and then a lion tamer. Things could get crazy!
And now we're back home! Mommy has the week off yet, so she's going to be getting scrapping stuff ready for Winter Wonderland and other random stuff.
A few other things.........
I really need to get used to the fact that people will be looking at my belly. I've always been a fairly self-consious person so it's pretty uncomfortable right now. I often look at my belly in the mirror and for those who are anxiously awaiting your arrival, why shouldn't they look? Maybe I'll feel better about it when it's blatently obvious!
Speaking of uncomfortable....what is a four month pregnant lady seriously supposed to wear??? My two favorite pairs of jeans still kind of fit, but it's getting pretty iffy. Most shirts are starting to look pretty silly. And the maternity clothes still looks like I'm wearing a colorful tent with arms. I tried to put my gift cards to use and buy maternity clothes. But do you think I could find anything that looked decent? Nope. So I guess for the next few months, I will be either wearing sweatpants and sweatshirts, or the one pink shirt that doesn't bug the crap outta me.
Daddy and I have been pretty bad at taking those growing belly pictures too. We took one at like 13 weeks, and here we are at 16, with nothing to show in between. I'll work harder at that.....
Speaking of your father, remember how I said he freaked me out with the giant babies? Well, I asked Grandma Glo to be sure how big her babies were. I was the biggest one at 8 lbs. Not bad. Then I asked Grandma Denise, and she said your daddy was 9 lbs, 1 oz. So if you're a giant baby, it's your fathers fault.
Before x-mas break, I finally told my principal and the kids. My principal said congratulations and wished us good health. The kids were pretty funny. I told them that I might start to look different when we get back from break. Sure enough, one of my eighth grade girls knew it right away. She yells out "I so knew it like a month ago, but we can't say anything becuase it sounds mean". I knew those girls could tell. Junior high girls watch VERY closely. But they all were pretty excited. They told all of my high schoolers before I had a chance the next hour!
Well, I think I've caught you up for now. And mommy needs to calm daddy down now anyway. The Vikes are losing to the Bears, which should NOT be happening!
We'll talk again soon!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 15 weeks)

So it's 5am and I've been wide awake for about two hours. It's Saturday though, so I'm not too worried about it. I have been having a harder time sleeping, but it's not that I'm feeling tired during the day. It's just usually harder to get back to sleep after my middle-of-the-night potty break. Oh well. Maybe life it just preparing me for the sleepless nights with you!
Well this past week we had another appointment with Dr. Leino. This one was super easy. And we got to hear your heartbeat. That was really reassuring. You were a mover too! Dr. Leino showed us how we could hear your little summersaults while listening to your heartbeat. Oh, and I only gained 5 pounds, which is good. It's not that I'm really worried about weight gain, but I just like to know I'm on the right track for your growth. Daddy's still freaking me out about the giant babies but it really hasn't stopped me from eating my chocolate!
We also got some staple items for when you show up. Auntie Steffie gave us this big pack of coupons from Target and it had a $5 off card if you spent $25 on baby stuff. So we have a some diapers (that should fit you as long as you aren't a preemie or a giant baby), a pacifier (which I hope you don't want to use anyway), wipes, and some necessary lotions, powders, A & D and baby wash. After it was all said and done, I saved about $20 on stuff we would have to buy eventually. This is how your Daddy and I are different. I like to plan ahead and Daddy would rather wait until we NEED something. Some say he's a little more practical, but in my mind, I saved money, so that's practical!
This second trimester is kinda funny because a lot of those pregnancy symtoms go away. Besides the growing belly and increased appetite, all those for sure signs have disappeared. Maybe this insomnia is a new pregancy symptom, but I can deal with that. It's much better than having to eat every two hours or face feeling queezy!
Other than that, life has been busy with school concerts, and daddy was busy studying for his surgery test. Not that they're all over we get to enjoy Christmas!
We'll talk again soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 13 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
Sorry, we missed one week of blogging. I'll just fill you in quickly on week 12/beginning of 13-Thanksgiving came and went. Got to go to Great Grandma and Grandpa Davidson's on Thanksgiving day and then we spent the next day and Grandma and Grandpa Helland's. I had two somewhat scares this past week. First, there was an announcement at school about a confirmed case of Fifth disease, and anyone who was pregnant needed to call their doctor. Well, since I only see a small percentage of the kids I thought I should maybe ask someone if I would have had direct contact. Luckily, the nurse was in school that day, so I talked to her about it. Because it was an elementary student that I wouldn't have spent any time with, I should've been ok. Just to be sure, I called nurse Heidi and Dr. Leino, and they agreed. All is safe! Then a few days later, I had my first instance of spotting during this pregnancy. My heart dropped. I quickly got my pregnancy books and looked up all the signs of miscarriage. I hadn't had any cramps or pains, and it was a pretty small spot. I still cried a little and Ty calmed me down, and then all was well again. Whew! I've never wanted to go to the doctor, but now I wish our doc appointment was this week instead of next, just to have that reassurance of a heartbeat! On to some fun got to go to your second concert. Remember your first one was a Mutemath concert. That one was loud, and mommy had to stand the whole time. This concert was a Lorie Line concert and we got to sit in comfy seats, and it was the perfect volume. I'm so jealous of Lorie Line because she's made an entire career of simply playing the piano and creating simple arrangements of well known tunes. Plus, she's made millions of dollars doing this. We got to see fruantie Jessi at this concert which is always nice. Plus we ran into Lisa, and I think it was the first time you've actually met her. Then last night, you got to perform in your first concert. Sure it was mommy playing the piano, but you were right there! Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Plus you had your first chinese food last night. YUM! Daddy made a good choice there! It's a little funny that all of Tyler's co-workers know we're expecting. None of my co-workers know. It's not that I don't want to tell them, it just feels like a weird thing to randomly bring up in conversation. I swear my junior high girls have been watching my growing belly though. They're very observant. My current plan is to officially break the news once we come back from x-mas break. It won't affect my work too much because as of right now, I don't plan on taking any maternity leave. (One plus of being a teacher!) Speaking of x-mas, next year it will be nice having you around for x-mas presents. I try to be creative, but Ty and I are a little boring without you around. Once you arrive, there can be scrapbooks and calendars and all sorts of projects that you'll inspire! And that reminds me that I should probably get working on those gifts that I have planned for this year! We'll talk again soon!