Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of five months)

Dear McCoy:

Well, you are a big solid food eater now. Actually we're just up to rice cereal twice a day, and you've tried oatmeal cereal too, but it's still exciting. By the end of this week we should be able to start veges. You love your cereal and eat quite a bit at a setting. And of course it's messy! You also eat baby rice cakes and banana puffs.

You still love baths. One time, Daddy was pouring water on your tummy and you tried to catch it. It was pretty entertaining.

Prudence is not so fond of you lately. You are really interested in her and try to pet her. She didn't mind that until you grabbed her ear and pulled. Now she keeps her space.

You've finally started to fit into some of your 6/3-6 month clothes. Especially your sleepers. You were just getting too long for them!

You are currently working on sitting up. You are close, but we have a little work to do yet.

Right now you sleep from about 10am-5am. And that's our rule. Most of the time you remember that.

You love to grab faces and eat them. I like to pretend you are giving kisses.

Well, time to get some supper ready.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear McCoy: (Of four months)

Dear McCoy:

You've changed so much in the past four months. Daddy and I were looking through pictures and can't believe how much of a difference even a month can make. Well, on to the news...

Daddy has a pretty crappy schedule during this rotation. At first we thought it would just be odd hours, but then we were made aware of the goofy meetings he has on top regular working hours. So this means that he basically has to stay at auntie Connie's during the week. He really misses you during the week, but at least he gets three day weekends.

Of course, while Daddy is away, you get your first cold. Basically it's seemed to be a runny/stuffy hose and a tiny bit of a cough. You handled it well though. Then, the day after mommy gets her flu shot, she gets sick. GR. That night was full of cuddling/nappng on the couch.

You had your four month shots this week. Turns out you are a long and lean baby at 12 lb 1 oz. I've been paranoid about you beig too little because all I see are chunky babies. Ty and Dr. Leino reassured me that you are doing just great. And as Ty stated, our society has an obesity epidemic, not a "your baby is too skinny" problem. He's secretly hoping that you will be a coordinated 6'4" like the Helland boys. I guess it would be funny to have to look up to my son.

We are currently training you to sleep through the night. And yes we are using the not so popular "cry it out" method. Believe me, it hurts to hear you cry. But I also thinks it is important to give this method a try. I have many reasons to back up that I am not a bad parent for doing this method including: Babies can sleep through the night at two months-you are four so it can happen. You have slept through the night-You used to sleep 8 hours at a time-it can happen again. Families need rules, and in our house, we sleep at night-in our own beds. I do not deprive you of nurturing-I am home with you 2 1/2 days a week and focus on you a lot during those days. Something needs to be done now-habits at 6 months are much harder to break than if you fix it before. I'm nursing and plan on nursing you until 9-12months. I don't like hearing you cry, especially since I don't let you cry during the day, but I know you are just fine. If something is really wrong, of course I would be right there to fix it. Enough of that.

We brought your high chair up from the basement to get you accostumed to it. You love it. You usually just play with your monkey keys and hang out in it for a while. It's a nice break for mommy's arms!

You now roll from your back to your front. And then you get mad because you are on your tummy and forgot that you know how to roll back the other way. Silly baby!

You also got to go to your first football game. Mommy was running out of babysitting options and the weather was nice so we just brought you with. Mommy had to direct her kids for pep band and Daddy needed to play drums. You made friends with every cheerleader when you got there and then you hung out on Mommy in the snugli and didn't say a peep. You were perfectly content being outside, listening and watching everything.

You are a big talker. You have conversations with us all the time and it's hilarious.

You still eat every two hours which keeps Mommy quite busy. And you still take a half an hour to eat. Usually babies start stretching it out by now, but i think you are just on a schedule of your own.

It's not a big deal, but you still have cradle cap going on. We work on it whenever you get a bath but it always seems to come back. Oh well.

Speaking of baths, you love them now. Even when you were sick, you just wanted to soak for a while. Granted, I made the bathroom all warm and steamy to help with your cold.

You are really interested in toys lately. Of course everything goes straight into the mouth. You like to grab for toys even if they aren't going to your mouth. This morning you were sort of petting Prudy while she was giving mommy her morning kisses.

A coupl eweekends ago, Fruncle Tralle and Frauntie Claire came out to take some pictures for us. The leaves were really pretty and it was a really beautiful day. We had a difficult time getting both you and Prudy to look at the camera at the same time.

You also got to see the Staples and Schiks again. We met at Andrea's parents house and her parents were having baby withdrawl so you got to charm them for part of the night. It's always nice to be able to get together with them.

Well, I guess that's it for now.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of 3 months)

You exhaust your mother. We're just putting that on the table right off the bat. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. On with the news:
About a week and a half ago, you rolled over. And you did it a lot! Both at home and daycare. Mommy was so excited when it happenned that Prudence was worried and started barking. Of course, now you stopped showing off this new skill and Daddy hasn't gotten to see it. BUT.....
Last night Daddy made you laugh! And it was only for Daddy. You thought he was absolutely hilarious. He was just talking to you after changing your diaper and you cracked up. Best sound ever.
Both Mommy and Daddy like reading bedtime stories to you. One of our favorite books right now are these nursery rhyme board books that Frauntie Lisa bought you. They have pretty colors, lots of stories and are nice and sturdy for babies. Mommy usually sings the ones she knows the tunes to and reads the rest. But Daddy, well, he interprets them for you. Example: Ring Around the Rosie=Bubonic Plague. Both you and I listened that night. We learn a lot from Daddy. But a note of warning: sometimes Daddy makes up stuff. Like medical words. He adds "itis" to anything and tries to convince you that it's a real illness. He's smart, but not that smart. Just kidding!
You are supposed to be getting about 18 hours of sleep according to the baby books. I don't know what type of schedule you are on, because one day (while you were home with Mommy) you only took a few half hour naps during the day and then slept your normal 6 + 3 hours at night. But then the next day at daycare, you take about three 1 1/2-2 hour naps and sleep the same at night. And you aren't crabby. Man, when I don't get enough sleep.....I turn into a monster!
You still eat about every 2-2 1/2 hours. Word has it that pretty soon you start stretching those outs, but eat more at a time. We'll see.
You love to watch TV. Specifically football with Daddy. Or maybe you just like hanging out with Daddy?
Your neck is still really strong, but you don't quite lift your chest all the way up. Your next milestone should be trying to sit up, but you really don't have an interest in that.
Last night, you played in your activity center for I swear like 45 minutes. Daddy just sat by you and worked on the computer while I tried to get some house stuff done and you just kept talking, and playing. You bat at all the toys and were grabbing the puppy one. I thought at one point you were going to grab Prudy's tail, but luckily she moved. It will be interesting when that happens for the first time.
Speaking of Prudy.......she's needs to go out....more later.....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear McCoy: (Of 11.5 weeks)

Dear McCoy: (Of about 11.5 weeks)

Well, I am officially obsessed with all things McCoy. Maybe I have been all along, and now I've just realized it, but it's happened. I think you are the most perfect baby boy out there and have converted the top of my office piano at work into a shrine of you. Anyway, here is what you have been up to:

You still sleep in the bassinet, but you are in your own room now. I thought it would be a tough transition, but it really wasn't too bad. Grandpa Ben is fixing your crib, and he said it's ready, so we just have to get it and then we'll move you into that.

You love daycare. I think you love watching all the other kids play so much that you exhaust yourself. After a full day there, you will come home and take two huge naps before bedtime. You are very lucky to have such a nice place to be. Even though I hate being away from you, I know you are in good hands.

You outgrew your swaddlers and you weren't happy about giving them up. We tried a blanket sleeper, fleece sleepers and heating pads. Finally we discovered you were happy with any type of sleeper as long as you had socks on underneath and you needed to be swaddled with a receiving blanket. Right now you have your last meal at 9:30pm and sleep from 10pm-3am. Then you wake up for good about 6am. I've tried to let you "cry it out" if you wake up at any other time, but I give in after about 10 minutes. I just can't do it. Call me a bad mommy, but it hurts to hear you cry at night. I'd rather just nurse you quick so we can both go back to sleep. Maybe I'll regret it later, but you're still little.

You've completed another 5k. This one was in LeCenter. Daddy ran it, (and got second by like 30 seconds), Grandma Helland ran/walked it and you and I walked it. Before we started, I wasn't sure if we were going to make it because you had a rough previous day/night sleeping, but we made it!

You've been to two of cousin Morgan's volleyball games. You actually do pretty well. The noise doesn't seem to bother you at all. We just had to leave early both times because Daddy needed to get to bed since he gets up so early.

It's been a rough patch with Daddy's rotation. He doesn't get many days off, and gets home pretty late even if it's not a late call day. Luckily there's only a few more weeks left and the rest should be a bit more reasonable. You're going to love this spring when Daddy has off before residency. You will be at a very active age and you two will just play and play and play all day long!

I love having conversations with you. You usually like to talk after getting your diaper changed. No giggles yet, but I swear we're close.

I think you are going to be tall. Your clothes don't get too tight around your waist, just too short.

You got baptized on August 22nd. You did really well during the service. I don;t know why, but I was nervous about it, which is silly because what would it really have mattered if you cried!

The day before your baptism, you got to meet some more of Mommy and Daddy's friends. Tom, Lisa, Paul and Al all got to hold you. You were pretty good for them too. Except for when you had a ginormous spit up on the Karlen's deck. Gross! You also met their puppy Peppy. What a sweetie!

Mommy starts school again this week. She's not ready to be away from you so much, but at least she's home with you Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday mornings.

Speaking of school, Mommy better make sure she is ready!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of 2 months)

Dear McCoy: (of 2 months)
You're actually a bit older than 2 months. Mommy forgot she wanted to post. Oops!
Someday I may want to look back and remember what these days were like, so here's a day in the life of the 2 month McCoy:
6:15am=Wake up. Nurse in the rocking chair.
7am=Change diaper. Play time! Play in th floor activity center. Batting/kicking practice. Tummy time. Mommy eats breakfast and has coffee while sitting by you. Then Prudy gives Mommy her morning kisses. We also take Prudy out during this time.
7:30am=Quick Nap
8am=Eat again
8:30-10=Play for a while, do some one handed chores like empty the dishwasher, and then short nap in the car seat while Mommy showers
10am=Eat again
10:30am=Play for a while, then nap in the bouncy while Mommy gets her lunch ready, supper planned for that night, and whatever else needs to be quickly cleaned
2pm=Eat again
2:30pm=Play for a while, then sometimes a short nap
4pm=Eat again, then either get cranky, take a nap or play with Daddy whenever he gets home
6pm=Eat again, then nap or be cranky
8pm=Eat, then bath if it's bath night, or just get pj's on
9:30pm=Last feeding of the night

At night, you sleep in your bassinet in our bedroom. Mommy isn't quite ready to move you into your room yet, but she knows she has to soon. You are very smiley now and I think you really want to giggle, but haven't figured out how to do that yet. You are better in the car now that Mommy put a mirror that has this brightly colored elephant on it for you to look at. You usually do pretty well in church on Sunday morning, but when Mommy plays for the Wednesday services, you like to be fussy for Auntie Vicki. Mommy really likes to play dress up with you and you will let it happen for short bouts at a time. Your cranky time is usually around supper time, which is not so fun for Daddy because that's right about when he gets home from work. One day last week, cousin Layne came with us to Mommy's school so she could get some work done. You loved her long hair! You kept grabbing at it and got a few strands out. Poor Layne! Next time we'll bring a ponytail! You still are a rock star with a bottle and will drink about 5 oz at a time. You are starting to handle your baths a little better. It's not that you really like them yet, you have just stopped screaming bloody murder during them. You think it's funny when Mommy talks whale and will usually smile. Yesterday we had you go to daycare for a few hours to get used to it. You were just fine, but Mommy kept checking her watch to see when I could go get you again! You still don't have much hair. You have started to bat at objects. I also think you like to have noise around you constantly and you don't seem to mind Prudy's kisses.
Oop, Daddy's home which means time for a little father son time before Daddy has to go to bed and you get your bath!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of 7/8 weeks)

Dear McCoy:

You've made it to week seven. I've been a little behind on posting, so I hope I rememer everything!

We took you to your 2 month appointment just a little early because originally we thought we'd need the extra check for weight. Turns out, you are 10 lbs, 10oz, and 23 inches long, which means that you are growing even more than you are supposed to. Exclusively breastfeeding, and letting you go on your own schedule instead of the every two hour deal is working for you. What a huge relief! This appointment also meant that you got your 2 month shots which Mommy wasn't exactly prepared for. Luckily, Nurse Heidi asked another nurse to help hold his legs so I didn't have to. I think those shots hurt my heart more than they hurt your legs! You did pretty well though. You were just sleepy when we got home so Mommy cuddled you a lot. And checked your temperature about a million times because I was paranoid that you would get a fever as a side effect and I really wanted to be on top of it. I know-first time mom!

This past week was a bit of an adjustment for you and I. Daddy started a new rotation at North Memorial which means that we are home alone all day and Daddy doesn't get to help with the night feedings because of his commute. We're figuring it out but we still have a lot of kinks to work out. I've played with your schedule a bit to see what helps you sleep best. The past two nights I've been giving you your bedtime feeding at about 9:30pm, and then you've been sleeping until 4am. You'll go back to sleep, but wake up again at 6am and be ready for the day. You are a morning person, and mommy just has to get used to it!
We finally have baptism set for you on August 22nd. We had a hard time finding dates and we changed churches in the middle of our planning. But now we are good to go. You'll be wearing Uncle Erik's outfit. Now mommy just has to plan the meal and we should be all set!. Eeks!
Youve been flashing lots of smiles lately! Daddy and I know how to get them out of you and we've captured some on the camera! I'm still waiting for that giggle. It seems like you are soooo close!
You've just moved into your 3 month/0-3 month clothes. I love dressing you up everyday. Garage saleing is also really fun because I've found some really cute stuff. Turns out, I'm a sucker for plaid shorts, dinosaurs and monkey outfits!
At the end of July, you had a Helland family get together/baby shower with your second cousin (that's what we'll call her!) Claire. You fussed and slept a lot. But you also got a ton of clothes! Like I said before, I have waaay too much fun dressing you up!
Your eyes are still that beautiful dark blue and I really think they are here to stay! I'm pretty sure it came from the Helland side because they are all blue eyed! I have blue/green eyes, but I have one sister and my mom with blue and that's it.
Last week you got to visit your daycare home. The kids were all very excited but of course, you slept through the whole thing. Next time I'm sure you'll be ready to show off!

We also completed our first 5k. You and I walked the whole thing while Daddy and Auntie Steffie ran it. After they were finished they came back and walked the rest with us. I was nervous about how you would act, but you did awesome. You were awake and content for about half of it, and then fell asleep for the second half.
Since Auntie Vicki is done doing daycare, she held a garage sale to get rid of her toys, but you got to pick some out first. You have some fun riding, pulling, exploring type toys plus the big legos. I'm excited for when you actually get to play with them!

Being a mommy is definitely an adjustment. One thing I've recently noticed is that watching the news really seems to affect me. I hear all these stories about bad parents, or crazy things that happen to kids and I want to hold you even closer. I was somewhat of a news junkie because it always seemed to be on when I was feeding you. I've tried venturing into other genres, but there is only so much of "Jersey Shore" that one person can take!

Well, Mommy should move on to some housework/schoolwork. (Even though she'd much rather ramble on about you!) We'll talk soon, and I'll try to get better about updating this more often!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Mr. McCoy: Of 5 weeks

Mr. McCoy:
You are already a man of 5 weeks. This has been a very trying week for you and Mommy. Daddy has been in Texas for a week so we've been living the single parent life. Whew, I'm glad this week is almost done. You had good days and not so good days. On the not so good days, you won't let me put you down for 10 minutes. Even when you are sleeping, you need to be held. Don't get me wrong, I like holding you, but my arms, back, neck-everything gets sore after a few hours. Sometimes I wonder if you don't get enough sleep during the day so you are over tired and just get cranky. Because of that whole weight gain issue, I've been feeding you religiously every two hours, except at night. So, it's been-eat for 30-40 minutes, fall asleep for 5 minutes, mommy tries to put you down and you wake up angry, she changes your diaper, swaddles you and walks around with you as you fight sleep, then you fall asleep, and after about 20 minutes, we do the whole thing again. But today, I let you take a long morning nap, which meant you skipped a feeding (but the previous one you got a supplement, so I was hoping that evened things out), but when you woke up for the next one, you ate really well and were happily awake until the next feeding. Did you just need a longer nap? Who knows.
Other news: You have found yourself in the mirror and it's really fun to watch you watch yourself. You enjoy your playtime in your activity center(the one that you just lay in on the floor). Prudence also enjoys her playtime in the activity center! You like to look at your little book with the black and white pictures, and will follow a rattle across your face. I think you've flashed me a smile that wasn't gas, but I can't always get you to do it on cue, so maybe it's still just gas! You laugh/smile in your sleep and it's hilarious. You still wear all of your newborn clothes. Today you accidentally hit the toys that hang on your carseat and were surprised that they made noise. That was pretty entertaining. You generally take your last feeding at 10pm, wake up at 2am to eat and then are ready to wake up for the day between 5:30am and 6:30am. You are a morning person. You are very alert after your first morning feeding. You still hate baths, and are still super gassy. I love watching you make your silly faces and when you stretch when I change your diaper. Hopefully by the next posting we'll be seeing lots of smiles and maybe catch a few on camera!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear McCoy: (Of One Month)

Dear McCoy: (Of One Month)
*Today is actually your 4th week, but it's not the 17th. I'm blogging today because I have time. If enough changes before the 17th, I'll add it in!
I can't believe we've made it to that one month mark. You've already grown and changed so much. Your neck is getting very strong. Your legs are strong and are always kicking. You love being swaddled in a nice soft blankey in order to take a nap. And Mommy or Daddy needs to walk around with you swaddled for you to actually fall asleep. Except at night. You get all cozy in your sleeper, eat, burp and fall right asleep in your bassinet. Right now you sleep in the same room as Mommy and Daddy. You've gotten a few kisses on your toes from Prudence. You don't mind her barking at all. You really don't care for your paci's anymore. Your eyes are a beautiful dark blue just like your Daddy's and I hope they stay that way. You enjoy stroller rides and long walks to the library or around town. So far you've had Mommy and Daddy both home with you during the day. You've had many visitors and have generally been very good for them. Mommy and you had a lot of learning to do while nursing, but now we've basically figured each other out. You toot a lot! You like to take naps in your bouncy seat which sits in your play pen so that Prudy can't get to you if Mommy or Daddy ever needs to leave the room. You HATE having a wet diaper and need it changed immediately. You and Mommy have read a lot of books. You love when Daddy helps you fly like Superman. You like laying on the couch and "working out the toots" or playing bicycle. You like looking at your black and white picture book and will look for the rattles when we shake them. You'll even track them a bit. You've been to two weddings. One you were pretty cranky, unless Frauntie Jessi was holding you, and the other you were really good and let everyone hold you. You have an adorable smile, but right now it's not in reaction to your Mom or Dad. You used to like car rides, but the last few you have screamed most of the way. You've been to church once and were basically an angel. (At least that's what it seemed like. Mommy was playing piano and didn't hear you once.) You had a hard time gaining weight at first, but now you are making up for lost time. At last check you were 9 lbs 1 oz and 20 1/2 inches. You scream during your baths. You like to be held up, or facing outward so you can see the world. Lately, you have been very awake in the mornings, and very sleepy in the evenings. You still wear all of your newborn clothes. Some are finally getting a little snug, and some are still pretty big for you. You have 5 pairs of shoes and Mommy thinks they are awesome. It's been a month filled with Mommy and Daddy trying to figure out the parenting thing, while you are just trying to figure out the world. It's been a crazy month, and your Mommy and Daddy are excited for the next.

Friday, July 9, 2010


How can something that seems so natural, seem to come unnaturally?!? I don't know if I ignored all the portions in the books that described how difficult nursing can be or if I just took the attitude "oh it won't be hard for me". Ugh, I was wrong. We seemed to do all the right things. Daddy was super supportive. Our families were supportive. I tried to nurse you right away. We didn't allow bottles. But you were not an agressive eater. You didn't understand how to latch and I didn't know what to do to help you. The nurses were so wonderful and had soooo many options as to how to help us. Because you weren't able to latch right away, we had to supplement with some formula after each attempt at nursing, and then I had to pump after each feeding as well. When I mean supplement, I mean that Daddy had to sit you up on his lap, fill a tiny little medicine cup with formula and feed that to you. And if I was able to get anything from pumping, that was feed through this syringe type deal that didn't have a needle. It has been a process. Eventually, we settled on using a shield. I'll admit, I felt like a bit of a failure. Everyone preaches about how good breastfeeding is and how you are giving your child such a head start in life. I was trying so hard, why wasn't it working?! I can understand how some people who are lukewarm about the idea would settle on formula feeding. I've had moments where I've wanted to give up, but I let them pass and keep trying. Once we came home from the hospital, we kept nursing. When we went back for your first check-up, you weren't gaining like you should have. I immediately thought "Another failure for mommy." We had a lactation consultant come out and work with us. She weighed you again and you were still dropping. As if my emotions weren't out of whack already, add this stress on top of it. We set up another weight check at the clinic. We worked with the lc on latches and how to get my milk supply up to par. Next weight check at the hospital and you were down almost a pound from your birth weight. Daddy and I were scared. You were supposed to be at least back up to your birth weight by this point. Daddy called Dr. Leino (at home-thank god for Daddy's connections) and we had a new plan. Every time we fed you, I would nurse both sides, then pump. Then Daddy would feed you 1-2 oz of formula from the cup. This process takes about an hour. You eat every two hours from the start of each feeding. We were determined to get you growing. Our next weight check was a few days later at the clinic. We put you on the scale and you were somehow 9 oz bigger. Nurse Chad informed us that this scale just got checked and was the most accurate. The scale that had you down a pound was obviously wrong. While this was a huge relief, you still weren't quite up to where you should be so we would still be supplementing. Another few days passed and the lc let us borrow the scale at home to check progress. Finally we were getting somewhere. By week three you are back to where you should be, but we're still having to do some supplementing. Even though things are better, I can't help but to be paranoid about how much you are actually getting from me. I can't tell how much milk you get at a feeding besides just watching your temperament and how am I supposed to tell if you are being fussing from being hungry, or tired, or just plain old being fussy. This nursing thing is not as easy as I thought it was going to be. We still have to use the shield and we still have to wake you up to eat. Add on top of this the fact that I'm not the type of person that is very comfortable "whipping it out" in public. Yes I have one of those shawls, but is it still weird for people to see that because they'll know what you are doing and that simply makes people uncomfortable?? I'm still determined to make this work and maybe I just need to stop worrying about what others think. It's a perfectly natural thing, even though it hasn't come so naturally to me. It's only been three weeks. Maybe I should just give us a break and be happy with the progress we have made! Or maybe I just need a nap. :)

Prudence's Reaction

So Prudence has been known to be a very spoiled weiner dog. Daddy and I will be the first to admit it. She has full reign of the house while we are away, she sometimes gets people food, she sleeps in bed with us, and is allowed on whatever furniture she likes. I was a bit nervous as to how Prudy would handle not being the baby anymore. I thought she was acting a bit more depressed a few weeks before your due date, but that honestly could have been in my head. When you were born, Grandpa Ben came to get Prudy and she stayed with them for a few days. She loves it at the farm. I guess she did miss us though. Grandma and Grandpa said that she would check upstairs every so often, just to check if we were up there. When we brought you home from the hospital, Prudence wasn't home yet either. We decided to get a day or two of parenthood under our belt before adding Prudy into the mix. And then one morning, Grandma and Grandpa brought her back. Daddy went outside first to greet her and brought one of your blankets to smell. I don't think she noticed the blanket because she was too busy kissing Daddy. Then we switched and I went outside to greet her while Daddy stayed with you inside. Once Prudy was all kissed out, we brought her in and I honestly don't think she noticed you right away. You were sleeping and she was busy making sure that everything was where she left in. We didn't let her get too near to you though. At one point, you were sleeping in your pack and play and Prudy saw you moving. She then got very curious. You started to fuss and Daddy went to pick you up. Prudy started to paw at the pack and play and barked. Daddy and I were quick to reprimand Prudence, and I think she got it. Since then, she has never barked at you. Even when you are screaming your lungs out, she acts completely normal. She very patiently waits while we hold you, until it's her turn to give us kisses. She doesn't try to jump on you, but every once and a while she tries to sneak a sniff or a lick at your feet. Someday you two will be great friends, but as for now, we will be very careful. I really think Prudence has matured since you arrived. She has been such a great puppy and has reacted much better than I thought she was. She is even so kind as to keep my spot warm in bed when I have to get up in the middle of the night to feed you. And she's still as great of a cuddler as she's always been. Maybe someday she'll get to cuddle with you too.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Motherhood-the first three weeks

Because it has been a crazy few weeks, I thought I'd write some of it down so I can remember what it was like for future reference.

The first week-The hospital stay was nice. Nurses rule. They take care of mom and baby so well. I knew that I would be going through a lot of recovery after delivery, but I think I was so focused on the pain of the labor/delivery, that I didn't really think about what happens afterwards. Man, everything hurts. Just to get out of bed is a chore. Sitting is super uncomfortable. Making a trip to the bathroom has never been so much work. The bathtub at the hospital is a godsend. I took about two baths a day. I also took advantage of hospital food, the nursery at night and the slippers the hospital provided. The first 24 hours was the biggest blur. I hadn't slept for a day, family kept showing up and I was really struggling breastfeeding. Tyler was a huge trooper. I don't think I changed a diaper during the entire hospital stay. Because nursing wasn't going very smoothly, he took care of all of the cup feedings. He entertained guests when I was pumping. When he came back in the morning and I was still sleeping, he just went to the nursery and rocked you for a while. Not only did I feel physically out of sorts, I was enotionally whacked out. I remember on the morning we were being discharged, I sat in the bath and cried because I honestly thought that you liked your father more than me. Like I said before-emotionally whacked out! During our first night at home, I was so paranoid that I didn't sleep. I was worried that I didn't do something correctly during the day and something bad would happen during the night. Since then, I think I'm just so exhausted that sleeping has not been a problem! You liked to sleep too. You slept a lot. We had to wake you up for every feeding. See my future post on nursing for more info on that topic. It's been....a rollercoaster we'll say. Everyone said that I'd graually start to feel like myself and I guess thats partially true. I can walk and sit and go to the bathroom normally, but I'm not like I used to be. It's great that you lose 20 pounds right after baby is born, but then it stalls. And most of your "normal" clothes still doesn't fit. So you're stuck wearing odd things because your maternity stuff looks weird and your normal clothes is too small. Add in the fact that it needs to be easy to nurse in. Ugh. So there's my rant on that.
Within these first three weeks we've had numerous weight checks and visits from the lactation consultants and gone to two weddings. You do really well on car rides, and enjoy walks in the stroller. You'd rather be held upright than the traditional cradle hold. Your eyes are a gorgeous blue just like your daddy's and I hope they stay that way. You were very content for your first bath, but you've screamed during every one since then. You've recently been very awake during the mornings and very sleepy in the evenings. You love being in your swaddler at night and do very well sleeping in the bassinet overnight. Huggies diapers are not your friend, but Pampers are awesome. You generally like being held while napping during the day, but if you're tired enough, you will sleep in your car seat or your bouncy chair. You also like your paci. Mommy thought she was going to be against them, but honestly, I don't care anymore because it seems to calm you down when you just want to sleep but don't know how to get yourself there. You don't react at all to Prudence's barks. (There also will be a future post on Prudence's reaction to your arrival!) We are very lucky to have Daddy home. You are definitely a two person job right now! You still like to have your hands up by your face. You are super gassy lately and you fuss until you get rid of it. On occasion you laugh in your sleep which in turn makes me and Daddy laugh. You have some hair and it's a very light brown. I can't help but to smooth it out every time I hold you. We sometimes call you Coy Boy as a nickname. I can't believe you are three weeks old already. Before I know it, I'll be sending you off to Kindergarten. (Hopefully between now and then, Daddy and I get to sleep more than 3 hours at a time!) Well, that's a run-down of the first three weeks! I'll check in again soon!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On the day that you were born.....

It was Wednesday June 16th. Daddy had worked the overnight in the ER the previous night and didn't get much sleep. For some reason, he didn't nap that day either. I was getting very anxious to get you out. I went on two walks and had been eating spicy food for days to help you along. At this point, I was convinced I'd have to be induced and would be pregnant for at least a week more. Daddy and I decided to go to bed at about 9:30pm. I had been having trouble sleeping anyway but tried anyway. At 10:15pm, I felt a pop and then a gush of water. It was almost like I was going to the bathroom but couldn't stop. I remember saying something to Daddy but he was in a deep sleep so he didn't respond. I ran to the bathroom and the water kept gushing. I started to think that this was actually my water breaking. I went back into the bedroom and said to Daddy "I think my water just broke". He replied "Are you serious?" He smiled and remained calm. Or so I thought. I was having a mini meltdown but tried not to show it too much. I quickly found some clothes but it all was a whirlwind. I really did not think that my water would break on it's own. Everything I had read said that the odds were very against it. I had figured that contractions would start, and I would have to occupy myself for a few hours at home. Instead I was walking around the house in a trance trying to remember everything I wanted to bring. Daddy got dressed, grabbed the camera bag, my bag and hid the key for when Grandpa came to get Prudy. At this point, I was still trying to function while in the middle of my mini-meltdown. I remember crying a bit simply because I was scared. I really had to go through with this. How would I do? Would everything be ok? What if it wasn't my water breaking and something was wrong? We packed everything into the car much to Prudy's confusion. She thought she was going somewhere with us. Daddy called the hospital on the way just to warn the ob department that we were on our way, even though we just live across town and would literally be there in minutes. It was on the drive that my back started to hurt. Then the pain would go away.
Daddy asked "Are you having contractions?" I thought, "Oh, so that's what they feel like!" At this point they were fairly tolerable. We checked into the hospital and headed right up to the ob department. I changed into the gown and Nurse Carol hooked me up to all sorts of things. My contractions were about 2 1/2 minutes apart and still fairly tolerable. They checked to make sure that my water in fact did break, and I remember NOT liking that test which was really silly when comparing it to what my body was about to endure. Nurse Carol informed us that yep my water had broken and we were about 3 cm dilated and still very well effaced. I remember her saying that our baby's birthday would be June 17th and her guess was that you would arrive by 4am. It was getting pretty surreal. Now it was basically a waiting game. I had the go ahead from Dr. Leino that I could have an epidural the moment I arrived at the hospital. Daddy and I decided to wait just a bit since I could tolerate the contractions and we just wanted to ensure that things were progressing along nicely. So Daddy folded out the little bed in the room and we both tried to rest. Daddy didn't tell me at the time, but now he admits that all he was thinking was "Man I just want to sleep!" It was time to get hooked up to an IV. I got poked three different places before Nurse Steph came up from ER and got it right away. Contractions started getting rougher. I was not doing a very good job relaxing during them. I would tense everything up. Nurse Carol and Daddy worked with me on some breathing exercises. They worked for a while. Daddy tried to sleep more and I tried to relax. By about 1am, I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted the epidural. So I woke up Daddy and he agreed. Nurse Carol checked me again and were we were to about 4 or 5 cm. They started fluids because I needed that for about 20 minutes before NA Bob could come and start the epi. This seemed like the longest 20 minutes of my life. I knew relief was coming but I wanted it right now. I had no patience for anything. Everything Daddy did was the wrong thing. None of his jokes were funny. I just wanted this pain to end. Finally NA Bob arrived. I don't even remember feeling a poke. I remember getting a bunch of stuff taped to my back and then my legs started to get a little heavy and tingly. I got repositioned in bed so I could rest for a while and my contractions became much more tolerable once again. Daddy's jokes weren't as annoying anymore. (That's how he could tell I was feeling better!) I could tell they were happening on my left side, but I could breath and rest normally through them. My right side was completely numb. It was about 2 am. Daddy went back to sleep and I rested. There was a little too much on my mind to actually sleep, but I was able to rest. I was checked once more and things were still progessing nicely and I was about to 8 cm. At 5am, Nurse Carol checked and we were at a 10. Time to call Dr. Leino and get ready to push. Daddy went to call Grandpa Ben to come get Prudy. Dr. Leino arrived and Nurse Steph came up from the ER to help. I was actually pretty relaxed at this point. I couldn't really feel anything below my belly button. I wasn't sure what pushing was going to feel like though. How would I know what to do? I remember the news was on the tv. (I actually watch a lot of local news, and this newscast just happened to be KARE 11's.) They got all the tools out that they would need for delivery and we just started pushing. I could somewhat tell when contractions were because there was kind of a tightening in my belly, but it didn't hurt. I just waited for the nurse to tell me when to go and I did. They warned me that the average push time for a first baby is an hour and a half, so I didn't let myself get too worked up about time. I remember that we had totally normal conversations in between contractions because I was relaxed. I think this really helped me give it all when it was time to push. About 45 minutes into pushing, your heart rate dropped a tiny bit. They gave me some oxygen. I was a little worried at this point, but they really didn't seem to be. Within a few minutes, you were back to where you should be. I remember asking "Is everything still going ok?" after about every push. By about 6:15am, Dr. Leino told Daddy to get his scrubs on and get ready to catch. Nurse Steph just got called out of the room to the ER. She was a little disappointed that she couldn't be there for the actual delivery. Daddy had worked with her quite a bit on the overnights. By 6:22am, Ty was in position and delivered you. You were placed on my tummy as Dr. Leino took over and Daddy grabbed the camera. I couldn't believe that this baby just came out of me. I didn't even look to see if you were a boy or girl. Someone else looked quick and told us we had a boy. They quickly weighed you and checked to make sure everything else was normal. You were a screamer when you were born and you had your hands up by your face. (You still like your hands like that. ) I remember the Nurses commenting that you had huge hands. They wrapped you up and gave you back to me. Someone asked Daddy if we had a name and he replied "McCoy". Within an hour, we called family and friends and they started pouring in by lunch time. And that's the story of the day you were born!
Other things to note about June 17th:
*This was the day of all the horrible tornadoes in MN. I really didn't know exactly what happened until the evening of the 18th because the cable went out in the hospital right after supper on the 17th. We have some newspapers saved from the 17th and 18th so we can show you what really happened.
*You also share this day with a relative. (We aren't exactly sure how you are related, some sort of cousin, something removed probably?!) So your Daddy and his cousin Nick were born about two weeks apart. They both got married about a month apart and had purple and green for the colors of their weddings. Nick's wife Angie and I were both due on the 15th of June. You were born at 6:22am on the 17th and Baby Claire was born at 10:30pm on the 17th. Crazy world!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 40 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 40 weeks)
So, we've made it through another church service, both Michael and Wilson's Grad Party and Daddy's battle this past weekend. It's time for you to leave hotel mommy. I've cleaned the oven, the microwave, the kitchen, dusted, washed all of the clothes, rewashed/folded organized all of your clothes and even cleaned both sinks with a toothbrush. It's not that I want to do all of the organizing/cleaning. I'm just trying to find ways to pass the time. I'm done having people ask "You're still around??". I'm done having my sensitive belly button being rubbed. I'm done waking up at 3am and having just wrestle with the body pillow to find a comfortable position to POSSIBLY get back to sleep. Mommy's getting cranky.
Every time you move I think "Oh is that the start of a contraction??" and then it lasts about three seconds and I can visibly see that it's just your foot trying to stretch out. I haven't felt a single contraction yet. Some say it feels like a charlie horse in your stomach, others say it's like menstral cramps or explosive diarrhea. I'm sure once it starts hurting every few minutes....I'll know it's contractions.
There really isn't too much new. I just need to vent.
Hopefully see you sooner rather than later.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 39 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 39 weeks)
Just got back from another doc appointment. TMI: 1-2 centimeters dilated, 70 % effaced and membranes majorly stripped again to get things going. Measured right on, and weight didn't change from the last appointment. TMI done.
Dr. Leino warned us that there is a possibility we might have to be induced. Everything is looking perfect for delivery, but she just likes to warn people and I could be just one of those people who doesn't go into labor on their own. I really hope we go into labor on our own. We have one more appointment next Thursday, and if you haven't arrived yet, we start setting up the dates. Her hope is that we set things up and prepare for induction and then you just decide to make an appearance on your own. I work that way too. I am currently scheduled to play for a service this Sunday and next Wednesday in hopes that I won't be able to play for the Wednesday one because you are on your way, or have just recently arrived. It's not that I don't enjoy playing, I just figure if I plan stuff, you're more likely to show up!
Speaking of labor, if I said I was looking foward to it, I would be a huge liar. To be quite honest, I'm scared. People keep saying "You must be getting so excited!" Excited to find out your gender-yes, to take you home-yes, to highlight my hair and have a beer-yes, to wear pants iwth a zipper-yes. To have days worth of pain-no. Like I said before, the worst pain I've had was an infected root canal. How on earth am I going to handle hours upon hours of the worst pain I've ever felt. Will I get drugs? Yes. No doubt. But then there is the pushing thing. That could be a few hours too. Gr. Some people worry about taking you home, I worry about getting you out!!
Last night both Daddy and I had dreams about you. His dream was about changing your diaper. I guess you were wearing a size 6 (which is like enormous, wait do they go up to that size?!) and couldn't figure out what size to put back on you, at which point I suggested a size 2 1/2 (pretty sure they don't make 1/2 sizes!). Then you started making a poopy mess and Mommy ended up taking care of it. Oh and in his dream, you were a boy. Mommy had two dreams recently. In one, it was delivery time, but the nurses were basically no where to be found and Daddy ran off to get something and never came back. I wasn't sad or mad in the dream, I was just frustrated that I was left alone! Then in last nights dream, I was at today's appointment and was ditched again. Dr. Leino and Daddy left me naked to go take care of another delivery. In my dreams I never got through delivery so I'm not sure what sex you were.
Remember before when I said I thought you were a girl? Well, now I'm starting to rethink that. No idea why. Still don't care either way. But as of today, my guess is that you are a boy.
And I'll take a gander as to when you'll arrive...........either the 14th, 16th or 18th. Do I have a thing with even numbers? Yes. Does it really matter? No. I won't be like Pam on "The Office" and try to hold you in until midnight hits. Your cousin Allie would like if you arrived the 18th because then she gets a dollar. She's not sure who it's from, but she remembers someone saying she'll get a dollar, so she's hoping for the 18th. I'd be ok with that. Then you'd share your birthday with Frauntie Naomi.
Mommy's belly is making things noticibly more difficult. I pull up a chair to the table where I normally would, and then have to back it up because I don't quite fit. If I try to turn to sleep on the other side in bed, I have to lift myself all the way up and flip over. Even getting off the couch, I need to scoot all the way to the edge and then push myself up. Am I complaining? Not really, just stating some facts. If this is the way things have to be for you to be healthy(which Dr. Leino says you are) then so be it. Just don't be surprised if I ask Daddy to get me some chocolate because it's too much work for me to do it myself.
I don't think I've quite nested yet. Yesterday however, I filed all the paid bills, paid all the June bills so I didn't have to think about them the rest of the month, balanced my checkbook and organized some music in binders. Is there more to be done? You bet. The oven is a disaster and the shower could use a scrubbing. Actually all the floors could. Maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow. On today's schedule: Make Hudson some lunch (he's been staying over while his parents take cousin Wilson to orientation at Iowa State), get hair cut (it's driving me nuts and I do not do well with long hair!), and hopefully go to the Ice Cream Social at Aunt and Uncle-Jodi and Dave's church (the BEST turkey salad sandwiches).
Tomorrow night I think Grandpa Ben is going to bring the changing table/dresser. I have a feeling you won't arrive yet because you know how badly mommy wants to organize everything in that room (for about the 18th time).
Well, I'm going to try to get some pictures up of Wilson's ceremony quick. Maybe see you within a week???

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 38 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 38 weeks)
This may be a short post, and might have a little too much information, so if it gets to a part that you are uncomfortable with.......just skip a few lines!
Today was Mommy's last day of school with kids. Tomorrow is just the clean-up/check-out day. I got a lot of it done today so tomorrow should be nice and easy. It's been a fun year and I look forward to what next year has in store.
Today was another doc appointment. We measured right on (which means we actually jumped from 36 to 38, but 38 is where we are supposed to be so it's ok) and everything else looks good. Here comes the TMI portion: We are dilated at 1 cm, 50% effaced, sitting at -1 station and your head is nicely in position to head right out. Dr. Leino also stripped my membranes just to jump start the process, but it doesn't really mean you'll make an appearance right away. It just helps things along. Done with the TMI.
Your bag is all packed. I think I go through it about every day. Not that I change what's in it, I think I'm just excited and like to look at your stuff. Mommy's bag is packed too. It's just the waiting game. Well, I guess we haven't put the car seat bases in the car yet, but I think Daddy could quickly figure that out if he needed to do it in a pinch.
This weekend we have two of your cousin's graduation from high school. Cousin Wilson graduates from Hutch and has her party on Sunday too. Plus it's her birthday. Cousin Michael graduates from GFW but is having his party next Saturday. Will you be out and about by Michael's party, or will you want to spend that day hanging out in Mommy's tummy still??
Every time I put my clothes on, I wonder, "How many more times will I really wear this shirt?", "How soon can I go back to my 'not-so-oversized' t-shirts?"
Tuesday was a bit of a rough day. For some reason, I was just uber uncomfortable. I was trying to stand up to change into some comfy pants and had a hard time standing on one leg. I actually said "are you for serious right now?!?!" outloud as I had to grab the wall to support myself. It was just one of those days.
This past weekend Daddy took some maternity pictures for mommy. Mommy isn't the most photogenic person and felt really silly posing, but Daddy did a nice job being creative.
Man you are a mover right at this minute....maybe that means it's time for supper.....
See you soon,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 37 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (of 37 weeks)
Well, Baby Helland, you are considered full term this week. It's been a busy week 37. We had a wedding shower for a friend, a family baby shower for us, a school baby shower for us, another doc appointment and a band festival/valleyfair trip with Mommies students. First up-family baby shower: For some reason, this made me feel like I was ready to take you home. Maybe finally getting the car seat/bases and making it legal for us to take you home hit the spot. Who knows. We got a ton of stuff and now only need a few more items before we basically have everything we need in order to take you home and take care of you. Your aunts made everyone fill out a card with some of their guesses as to what gender you are, how big you will be, if you will have hair etc. It was an overwhelming majority that thought you were a girl. I'm thinking so too, but I really have no basis for this guess other than "I just feel like it"! Your aunts also think that you will be arriving on the 12th of June because it took 12 sheets of toilet paper to fit around my belly and a lot of people guessed the 12th as well. I'd be ok with it. That's the day that your cousin Michael has his graduation party but I think he'd understand if we couldn't be there!
Next up-the work baby shower: It was so nice of Mommies co-workers to throw a little shower for her and the other co-worker who is expecting. We had yummy punch, desserts and some pretty fun gifts. You'll really like playing with those gifts.
After that baby shower it was time for another doc appointment. I was a rock star at this appointment! Pretty simple again. My measurement didn't change this week, but Dr. Leino said that could be because you dropped/settled a little lower. You're still sitting at about -1 station meaning you're getting ready to go.
Lastly-band festival/Valleyfair: Mommies students are used to doing this trip at the end of every year. We go to a high school in St. Paul and perform, then spend the rest of the day at Valleyfair. Just in case you decided to show up, Daddy came along as a chaperone. Our performance went pretty well and the kids had a great time at the park. It was a beautiful day to be outside. I tried to drink a lot of water and the vendors must have felt pity for me because they kept giving me free ice water! Luckily, a college friend also brought his band, so Daddy had a ride partner for the day.
I think my students ask if the baby fell out every day. One student, in reference to the Valleyfair trip, asked "What if you go on a ride and puke up the baby?" Obviously this student doesn't quite understand the human body yet. And yes, these are high schoolers.
Mommy and Daddy were exhausted from the day in the sun so we went to bed early. And now it's 330am, and Mommy can't sleep. So I'm catching up on some tv/e-mail instead. Prudence was helping from 1-3, but now she's given up and decided to go back to bed.
Maybe I can just go refold all of your blankets/clothes........
Meet you soon!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 36 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 36 weeks)
You've stayed in hotel mommy for another week, and seem to be getting a little more uncomfortable. I was thinking about how you are sitting, and I really don't know how much longer you are going to want to stay like that....but don't worry, in a few weeks, you'll be able to stretch!
This was a busy week for mommy. She had her band concert Tuesday, played for Tralle's musical auditions Thursday and Saturday, had the graduation performance Friday and a shower on Saturday. Whew! This is definitely a push to the end of the school year. Only a trip to Valleyfair left this week and then most of the stressful stuff will be behind us!
We had another doc appointment on Friday. I freaked out a little because I knew they needed to examine things a bit more starting at this appoinment, and I didn't realize I had to do the Group B strep test, so I cried a little. I was really hoping that I was done with the whole freaking out at appoinments deal, but I guess not. Dr. Leino is so quick I really don't know what my problem is! But anyway, you are sitting exactly where you should be. We are maybe dilated at 1cm, but you are at -1 station which means that we should be set up for a decent delivery. It still would be nice if the stork took you out while I was sleeping, but I really don't think it will happen that way!
You received your first pair of shoes this week! Frauntie Claire and Fruncle Tralle wanted to get a little something for you because I helped Tralle with some auditions, so you got bibs, onesies and tiny little sandels. They are super cute! I love little baby shoes, but Daddy is so practical he wouldn't let me buy any for you. Now I don't have to lie about how baby ended up with shoes because someone else actually did buy them! Thanks Tralle's!
Auntie Kristen gave us our shower gift early because she wouldn't be able to make our shower. You got a little outfit, (with a giraffe bib-I'm a sucker for those animal bibs) a little baby piano that will also teach you to count to five in french and spanish, and two books-Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and Love You Forever. Daddy has already read both of them to you and played with the piano! We start you early! Thanks auntie Kristen!
I've been thinking lately about what type of home you'll be coming into. I know you'll learn soon enough, but I thought I'd give you some heads here goes........(plus someday I want to look back at this and see if anything changed!)
-Mommy and Daddy split household chores....Daddy does dishes and vaccuums and Mommy does bathrooms and laundry. Everything else just happens randomly.
-Mommy and Daddy drive the same cars. Same model, same color, but two years different. Kinda goofy. and not planned, just happened that way.
-Daddy likes to listen to MPR and jazz when driving. Mommy listens to what daddy calls "booty music". (It's just pop music, but that's what Daddy calls it!)
-Daddy drives the speed limit and does most of the driving when we are together. Mommy drives a little faster, but not so fast that she needs to worry about getting speeding tickets. She does not like driving in the cities. Ick.
-Mommy does most of the cooking and baking, but it's ok because she enjoys it. If Daddy were in charge of supper, we would eat frozen pizza every night, and he might make Reese's bars (the one dessert he knows how to "bake"). We eat a lot of pizza anyway in this house, so just be prepared. Daddy makes dip eggs and Mommy cannot get them right. That's his specialty.
-Mommy is more of a classically trained musician. Daddy is more of a jazzer. You will love both. It's been decided. Your options for band instruments are the french horn with trumpet for jazz, or a double reed with sax for jazz. You will play piano too. No getting around it.
-Daddy is much more athletic than Mommy. I pray you get daddy's genes on this one. Someday I'll tell you the story of when Mommy attempted to finish a 5k. (Got passed by old granny with an ipod, ambulance gave up on me, and I ended up "pretending I was just shopping the craft fair" instead of actually finishing the race) It's not a sad story, it's actually quite entertaining.
-Daddy builds/plays boats. Mommy scrapbooks and makes cards. You'll find a hobby too. Daddy is really hoping that you'll like boaties because he really does.
-Prudence rules the house. She will probably be very protective of you. At least that's how I hope it goes. She does not like repairmen, the postal worker or the UPS man. She's finally started to like our nieghbor Pastor Ron, but only because he gives her treats whenever they meet outside. Some might say she's a little spoiled. Or a lot......
We'll add more to the list next time. For now Mommy must get to bed so she can get up to play for early church in the morning!
We'll talk soon!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 35 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 35 weeks)
Doc appointment went well again last week. Still measuring right on and your heartbeat is where it should be. The next appointments are a little more involved and I'm hoping I stay calm like I do for the easy ones. Next Friday those start.
This past weekend Daddy and Auntie Steffie ran a half marathon in New Prague. (Yep that's 13 miles) It was super cold and even started sleeting at one point. Daddy's never ran a half before. He's always done the 5-10k's. It took them about 2 hours to run it. I can' imagine running for two hours straight, but I hear it becomes an addiction. My job was to drive out to the viewing points and take pictures as they run past. I totally missed daddy at the 5 mile marker, and then I forgot to turn the camera on. Gr. But at the 8 mile mark I got pictures of both Daddy and Steffie and then also got them both as they crossed the finish line. I'm definitely not as good at taking pictures as Daddy is, but I'm trying! After the marathon, I had to play for a wedding and then we went out to the farm because that's when the Schuft's were celebrating Mother's Day.
I did not feel good starting Saturday. I caught a cold somewhere and it was starting to get to me. It's not fun to be sick while pregnant. You already can't sleep because you are just uncomfortable, and then you add the coughing, stuffy nose, sore throat junk on top and it's not a fun situation. I started to lose my voice this week, but now I think we're actually starting to get better.
I'm in a wierd place with this pregnancy. I'm excited to meet you, but there's also this sense of "holy crap am I really ready". Last night Daddy asked "now which week are we on, is it 35 already, wow!). And my reply was "don't remind me". I then told him that the stork is going to come and take you out of my tummy while I'm sleeping and my body will be right back to normal when I wake up. Daddy laughed and said that it probably won't work that way. Ugh. Am I really ready to handle functioning on no sleep? Will I be able to figure out what you need at the right time? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Well, Mommy's gonna get her Friday started. School, then date night with Daddy. (Dinner and a movie while we still can!) We'll talk soon!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 34 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 34 weeks)
It's really crazy to think that we have less than six weeks to go until we actually get to meet you. It had seemed like it would take forever for nine months to pass, and now it's almost over. I hope you wait until Mommy gets done with all of her performances at the end of this school year to arrive, but after that, you're welcome to be born any day!
I feel like my belly is growing faster now than it has been the other months. I have to catch myself sometimes because I'll think I can just "run" somewhere quick or move some big thing to where I want it, but it's a lot more difficult now. So far I haven't had any contractions or real pains, but my feet are getting a beating. Even daddy thought my feet needed some TLC!
Daddy has been putting jazz music on the ipod and setting the earbuds on my tummy so you can listen. He really wants you to be exposed to jazz music. I haven't been able to tell if you have really reacted, but maybe next time you could kick a bit so Daddy feels like he's getting somewhere!
Mommy and Daddy got a new toy this week. Remember that new camera I had mentioned before? Well, we have it now! Plus an extra lens. Daddy has been playing a lot with it and understands so much more about what it is capable of. Mommy isn't so patient, but I've been trying to play with it a bit. He's gonna take such cool pictures of you though!
We have another doc appointment this week. Should be another simple one. The next time we go, it's an every week occurance. I used to get so worked up before any doc appointment, and now they seem like no big deal. I hope I stay this calm when you decide to make your arrival. If you just want to basically jump out when I say ok............that'd really help Mommy out! Ha!
Well, sorry this is a short and kinda boring post, but there isn't too much to report right now!
We'll talk soon!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 33 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 33 weeks)
I'm not sure how I missed week 32, but oh well.
Another doctor's appointment this week. All is well still. Dr. Leino felt around on my tummy to see how you were sitting and at that moment you were butt up. Then she found your heartbeat right away. It was faster than normal, but she said that is a good sign because it means you aai reactive. After about a minute it went right back to normal. She also said that we measured about one centimeter big, but she isn't worried about you being huge because you feel like a smaller baby. Before this appointment I had been getting a little more worried about actual labor so I wanted to talk to her about pain meds again. Earlier in the pregnancy I focused on contractions and how long you could have them and how painful they could be. Lately it's the actual pushing that's been getting to me. Knowing that it could be hours of pushing was affecting me for some reason. When Daddy and I talk about this he reminds me that yes it may be tough, but I'll probably surprise myself on how strong I can be and that once you are placed on my tummy, I'll forget any pain I had. He's probably right. Ugh, enough about that.
Grandma and Grandpa Helland came up one night this week to bring some baby stuff they found for us. Grandma Denise found two Pack N' Plays and I chose to keep the green one. (I think sage green might be my favorite color, I choose it for a lot of things!) Prudence had to test out both of them. We make her do some goofy stuff. Grandma Denise also found a bouncer for us which will be nice to have.
On Friday morning I went on my first garage sale-ing excursion of the year. I found three sales that advertised baby and maternity stuff. One of them was awesome. Tons of nice clothes for me in my prego state that I'll have for a few more months and lots of baby stuff. I only bought one sleeper for you but I'm thinking that after you are born, we'll go check some out together and get some gender specific clothes.
Tomorrow we get to go help Jessi and Ben move into their new house! A lot of our friends are in that place in life where they are buying homes. It's exciting. Your Daddy and I might have things backwards since we chose to have you first, but we also have a goofy life set up for the next few years with Daddy finishing up school. Oh well. Someday we'll have a house where Mommy can have a real piano and Daddy can have an actual battleship room instead of a closet;)
I'm feeling the effects of pregnancy a lot lately. My back gets sore more easily, I can't be on my feet as long without feeling the need to sit down and I can't run up and down the stairs at school like I used to. It could be a lot worse, but this takes some adjusting. Daddy even said I've got the start of a waddle going in my walk!
The nesting thing is still happening. It's making me so productive. Last weekend I cooked about 2 weeks worth of meals to freeze. I even froze some sweets for us. Daddy may have started nesting too. He could also be procrastinating too. Either one works for me!
Well, the current baby of the house (Prudence) needs some attention. We'll talk next week!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 31 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
We had another doctor's visit last week and it was another simple one. We're measuring right on, your heartbeat is where it should be and all else seems to be going well. It's pretty crazy to think that if you choose to arrive, you would probably be just fine. Even though you are about 3 1/2-4 pounds, and would still be a preemie, your chances of ending up healthy are very good. This is reassuring, but at the same time, a little scary. I'm hoping you stay put for a while yet.
It seems that once you are expecting, everyone likes to share their birthing stories. This is all fine and dandy as long as views aren't being forced onto me. I don't mind hearing how things panned out for other mothers. I've just learned that if I just listen, but not necessarily share my plan, things go more smoothly during those conversations. Normally I'm the type of person that needs to plan everything to a tee. This is the one time in my life that I'm going without a set plan. Dr. Leino, Daddy and I know what we are open to and some things that we would like, but if I have too many things set in place and they don't happen (so many things can change!) I could be disappointed and get too focused on the things that didn't go my way. Here's our basic birth plan so far: If I'm getting too worked up and can't relax, we are open to pain meds including an epidural. The only people I want in the room include the medical team, me and Daddy. If all goes well, we'll have Daddy catch you. There you have it! Everything else will just happen as it happens. And I'm really happy with that plan.
I think I've started nesting. At very random times, I'll decide to clean or organize something. A few days ago, it was the basement music area and freezer. Tonight it was the floors, the bathroom and the trash cabinet. I still have a lot on my to-do list though. I've started making some of the Amish bread(the kind that you pass on to friends and it takes like 10 days to make but I discovered you can freeze the starter bags) because I thought it would be a nice treat for breakfast after you are born. I have a bunch of other meals that I plan on freezing to make things easier too. I'm itching to start making them, but I think I should wait just a little bit longer.
I also got the urge to start packing my hospital bag the other day. It's not completely ready, but it's started. I have your supplies in a pile and ready to go, but I was waiting until I bought your diaper bag to actually pack it.
Last weekend we had cousin Morgan's 16th birthday. (By the way, she's hoping you're a girl because she thinks they are more fun!) Morgan, Wilson and Payton really wanted to feel you move, but of course we never got the timing right. They had a lot of questions again. "Do you have any crazy cravings? Did you get morning sickness? Can you tell you're pregnant if you didn't look in the mirror? Do you have to wear stretchy pants? Are you going to get much bigger?" Well my answers were, "Not really, I just like to eat a lot. No. Kinda because baby moves so much. Yes, have for a few months now. Probably!" I took it as a compliment that three teenage girls thought I was small for being 7 months pregnant. (They are usually quite honest and blunt.)
I've been getting a lot of sleep lately. It's not that I'm so sleepy, I just sometimes feel like taking a nap. Maybe subconsciously, my body knows I won't be getting much sleep after you arrive so we are storing up! I guess last night I didn't get as much sleep as usual because of the thunderstorms. It was the first of the season which was exciting, but it was a little loud and bright. Daddy had a hard time sleeping too.
Knowing that you will arrive within the next 9 weeks means that I only have about 8 weeks left of school. There is a lot to do before then! We have a bunch of performances to get through before school can end. I'm hoping you at least stay put until I finish all of the concerts. After that, it'll be smooth sailing and I'll probably just have to keep busy so I don't get too anxious for your arrival!
Time for mommy to see what else she can check off of her to-do list!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dear Baby Helland (of 30 weeks):

Dear Baby Helland:
Whoa! 30 weeks! Only 10 left. Pretty crazy to think about.
This past week was holy week. On Thursday mommy played for the Maundy Thursday service at Fernando. It also was cousin Rhyan's first communion, so after the service we went her house to celebrate with her. Cousin Wilson was there and she was pretty attached to mommy. I think I've told you before, but she's pretty determined for you to like her. (She hasn't had much luck with your other cousins!)
On Good Friday, mommy didn't have school but she did play for the service at Grace and then we headed down to LeCenter to spend the weekend with the Helland's. Mommy was filling in as an organist at Grandma and Grandpa's church for their Easter services. This wouldn't normally be a big deal except that the organ was in the balcony. Once again, normally wouldn't be a big deal ibut your mommy is terrified of heights. On Friday night Mommy had a nightmare about the balcony having a crazy tilt that made mommy slide right off the bench and over the edge. Not cool. Daddy went with to practice and he basically had to sit on the edge of the bench the entire time, acting as a barrier between mommy and the edge of the balcony. He's a trooper. After Mommy practiced in the torture chamber we went back to the house and Kristen and Jesse arrived. We played wii and since it was so nice, basketball outside. Since mommy is not much of an athlete(I sure hope you get your daddy's genes there), they let me just step in and out of my "sweet spot" (or the one place I can actually make a basket) and shoot every once and a while. Prudence didn't like when we played basketball. She barked the entire time and tried to chase the ball, but the ball is almost bigger than her, so who knows what she was trying to do. That night we played some Farkle and went to bed early since mommy and daddy had to get some sleep before spending the morning in the torture chamber. Easter morning arrived and both services went pretty well. Of course mommy made some mistakes, but overall, no disasters. At one point during the second service, mommy thought she could allow daddy to leave his post on the bench and go get communion. But when he left, mommy had a bit of a panic attack. Hands got sweaty, heart started speeding up, vision went blurry and started slowly sliding off the bench and off the balcony. Ok maybe not the sliding off part, but that's what it felt like! Luckily Daddy forgot something so he had to come back up so I made him sit back down. Once again, daddy's a trooper. At the second service, there was this tiny little baby. She was about 4 weeks old and didn't make a peep during the service. Super cute. After church we ate our Easter meal which mommy always enjoys. Almost forgot-Grandma Helland already got you some LeCenter Wildcat gear. She had these little tiny t-shirts made for some of the coaches kids, and in our case, grandkids. I mentioned that it would be fun to put "Helland" on the back so she's going to ask the guy who made them to put your name on the back. Now you'll have something to wear to the football games! Great-grandma Davidson also brought back a blanket that one of her Arizona friends made. It's a really pretty crocheted green baby blanket.
I forgot to tell you about how I freaked out Daddy the other week. After sisters weekend, my feet were really sore, and I thought they maybe had swelled up a bit. Then I thought my hands felt puffy. Daddy got a little worried and wanted me to get my blood pressure checked because these could have been signs of pre-eclampsia. I put my feet up for a day, got lots of rest and was basically back to normal. Daddy just really wants us to be healthy.
Last night I had another dream about you. For some reason, when I looked at my tummy I could see your profile like indented (but pushed out, so outdented??). And when I stood in the light, I had this x-ray vision to see all parts of you. So, I checked to see if you were a boy or a girl and you were.....a boy! This now confuses me, because I honestly had been thinking you were a girl for a while here. I guess we'll find out in about two months!
Just so I remember for later-Grandma Schuft, Hairdresser Sheri, Frauntie Ali and Auntie Cindy think that you are a boy. Auntie's Connie and Vicki think you are a girl. I want to be able to look back and see who was right!
Well, since I didn't get much done on my last day off, I should try to check some things off of the to-do list! We'll talk soon.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 29 weeks):

Dear Baby Helland:
We survived sisters weekend. But just barely. Here's what happened:
I specifically looked up which stores would have maternity clothes so I knew what to expect. We usually go to Burnsville Center and when I looked on-line, Old Navy and Gap didn't carry maternity in those stores at that mall. Since there was talk of heading to Eden Prairie, I requested that we go to the mall there. So that was our Friday night plan. We headed into the mall and I found the Gap. Absolutely nothing. So I tried Old Navy. After walking around the store about three times, I found the wall of empty racks with a sign attached stating "Sorry for the inconvenience but we no longer carry maternity clothes within this store. Please check". Boy that'll tick off a pregnant woman. I was about to cry. That was breakdown #1. I texted frauntie Jessi and Daddy. They both replied which made me feel better. And for Daddy to text back, even the simple phrase "hang in there", that's pretty huge. (He says it takes him too long to text anything or doesn't know how to do it.) The rest of the sisters finished up at the mall and we went to Don Pablos. Food made Mommy feel MUCH better. Connie had cheescake waiting at her house so the night ended much better than it started.
Saturday morning we started with a stop at Caribou/Bruegger's Bagels. I didn't have any coffee because I knew I wanted some pop in the afternoon. The smell was good enough. We headed to a Kohl's and Herberger's next. I had it set in my mind that I was not going to find any clothes and that I'd just get a good walk out of this weekend. I walked around Kohl's looking at shoes and then wandered to the baby section. Such cute stuff, but I'm trying to hold off buying you any more until after you're born. I looked up at the ceiling to see what sections were around and right in front of me was a sign that said "Maternity". Score! But wait.......everything under that sign was little boy clothes. I was about to get angry again. Why do this to pregnant people? Do stores not understand that our emotions are already on edge? Then, I looked across the aisle. There were four racks of maternity clothes. I grabbed whatever I could find and started trying them on. It's interesting trying on clothes when you're expecting because you are such a goofy shape. It's hard to tell whether or not the clothes are making you look goofy or you just look goofy anyway. I grabbed a few outfits and made the sisters approve. Luckily we found a summerish outfit and a dressy outfit. I decided that anything I found the rest of the day was just a bonus find. Then came breakdown #2. We were in the Dress Barn and I found a necklace that I thought was pretty neat. I thought and thought and thought. Do I really need this necklace? Do I have something else like it already? What could I really wear with it? Will I find something better at the mall? I was driving Auntie Cindy nuts. She whips out a $20 and says "You're driving me bonkers, just go buy it or give it to me and I'll buy it!". For some reason, this made me tear up and I felt really goofy trying to hide my sniffles while making my purchase. I still don't exactly understand why that got to me. I like the necklace. I plan on wearing it today. I must be more emotional than I realize. The rest of the day was spent at the mall where I found even more clothing options at JCPenney and some shoes. Speaking of feet, I didn't realize that my feet have grown. All I've been wearing lately are my brown or black flats because they are comfy and don't make me fall off the podium at school. Luckily I did find some silver flats that were pretty comfy.
I'm starting to feel more and more pregnant. My feet are sore (but I think it's from all the walking during sisters weekend), my back is starting to ache, and I've started to feel this sense of entitlement. For example, when waiting in a restaurant, I looked at some people sitting on the waiting benches and thought "hello, let the pregnant lady sit!". I may not be a "house" quite yet, but I'm sure that will come in a few weeks and I bet when that day arrives, I'll expect people to step out of the way even more.
Ah the joys of pregnancy!
Well, it's time for Mommy to get ready for school. We'll talk soon.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 28 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland-
Well we've officially made it to the third trimester. Everyone says it goes super fast from now on. I can believe it. There are times I sit down and think "holy cow June will be here before I know it!". There still are times that it seems like forever until we actually get to meet you. I'm not so nervous right now, I'm more excited than anything. Will you be a quiet baby or a noisy baby? Will you have hair right away? Will you be a light or heavy sleeper?
We had our last monthly doctor visit yesterday. From here on out we meet with Dr. Leino every two weeks. These appointments are so easy, I wish every doctor's visit was like it! She said we're measuring right on and your heartbeat is exactly where it should be too. We discussed how to take kick counts and the possibility of Daddy catching you. When I asked if she would be ok with it or had any thoughts she replied "Oh, I completely planned on Tyler delivering the baby!" We brought up the fact that I might need Daddy to help me more but she said that with an epidural she thinks we'll be just fine and Daddy can catch. So, we'll hope that works out! At this visit we also had to do the glucose test. Daddy and I had a really healthy meal of only meat and veggies and then I skipped breakfast so we had the best chances of passing. Everyone had warned be about how the orange stuff is really gross to drink. It's true. I thought I'd be fine because I'm not a picky eater. It was nasty. It's about have the size of bottle of pop. Ick. But it's done! And we passed, so no gestational diabetes! Our weight gain this visit was much better than last time and my blood pressure is still nice and low too. Like I said before, if only every doctor's visit was this easy!
It's really starting to feel like spring outside. It feels great to be out on walks with Prudence. Every day we are home in daylight and it's not icky out, we go on a walk down the street. I know it's important to get excercise and I really feel like the fresh air keeps me healthy. Bring on the warm weather!
I'm contemplating changing what we currently call you. Right now we say " Baby Helland". At one point Daddy wanted to start calling you "Baby Gaga" (like Lady Gaga), but mommy had a weird dream about Lady Gaga being a vampire and chasing her, so that's no longer a go. In a recent facebook, the name Lil' H evolved. Auntie Kristen and Uncle Erik were discussing Cousin Amy's wedding in July and where everyone will be staying. I thought it was pretty funny how they started calling you Lil' H, so I'm going to start using it too!
You are still quite the mover. One day last weekend, I was laying on the couch and you were moving A LOT. So I starting watching my belly. It was really funny! Daddy hasn't been able to see it yet, but he does get to feel it which is fun too.
This week I've been more tired and I'm not sure why. I've taken a bunch of little naps and get a lot of sleep at night. Maybe it's just not really restful sleep which is entirely possible.
This weekend is sisters weekend which means I'll be doing a lot of shopping. I need to find some more maternity clothes because I seem to be outgrowing my black dress pants. So far I've just done my shopping on-line so it will be nice to actually be able to try something on. There was also discussion about eating at Don Pablos. Mommy LOVES mexican food. Ok she basically loves food in general.
I've still been eating a lot of fruit. I eat an orange every day for lunch and whatever other type of fruit is in the house for supper. I try to get my vege's in. I'm not a fan of peas, but because I don't want you to be a picky eater, I've stopped picking them out of stuff while carrying you. One of my favorite things lately are cookies from Subway. Double chocolate or chocolate chip are the best. You'll probably love chocolate. Mommy doesn't go a day without it and now even daddy is used to something sweet after each meal. I should probably go eat an orange now to fight off the urge for those cookies!!
Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 26 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
Once again, not too much has changed so I'll apologize in advance if this post isn't that exciting!
Our next Doc appointment isn't for another two weeks, so no news to report there. At this next one we have to do the glucose test which I hear is not too much fun. Daddy and I are already planning on eating a very healthy supper the night before, and an egg if anything for breakfast. Mommy really likes her chocolate, so we have to be extra careful with this test to be sure we pass!
You are quite the mover still. I feel you moving every day. It doesn't hurt like it did before when I thought you were trying to kick your way out. :) One night you were moving so much, Daddy even got to feel for a while.
The most common question I get asked is whether or not we know what gender you are. We still don't plan on finding out until you're actually born. Some people say it's better to find out the gender to get to know you better or bond with you. That may be the case for some people, but since you're growing inside me, I think I know you pretty well. Whether or not you are a boy or a girl doesn't change what I think about you or how I talk to you. With that being said, I've been thinking about all the myths people have about gender. If we look at the Chinese gender chart, you're a girl. If we go by how much food I like to eat, you're a boy. If we go by how fast my hair is growing, you're a girl. I want to try to remember some of these to see what was true for us. Maybe there will be some more signs later.
This last weekend, Daddy and I visited some college friends. We met Leo, Jake's greyhound. What a giantly sweet puppy. (He's really sweet, but he also is really huge.) You'll love him. On Friday night, we ate at an Indian restaurant. I read somewhere that if I don't want you to be a picky eater, I should try to eat a lot of different kinds of food to get you accustomed to it. Who knows if it's true, but Daddy and I like to try different foods anyway. We also watched Tralle jump in Lake Calhoun for charity. Your Daddy took some pictures with Tralle's fancy camera, which was nice because we still plan on buying a nice one before you're born. I love pictures. Your cousin Rhyan once counted all the photos on the wall on the top floor of our townhome. It was something like 150. And that's not counting all the pictures in scrapbooks. Get used to the camera. Daddy likes to be creative with photos and mommy likes to put them up. You'll end up looking at yourself a lot!
People have been commenting that I've really "popped" lately. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Part of me is still self conscious about having a big belly. It's pretty obvious that it's a baby belly now, but it's weird to wear clothes that actually allows it's shape to been seen.
On Friday I'm going to check out a possible day care for you in the fall. I've heard many good things about this daycare lady and you would be the only baby. I like that you'd be the only tiny one. I'm also happy that this lady was really supportive of the part time option. School is going to allow me to alter my schedule so I can cram my hours into three days instead of a few hours each day. That means I get two full days, and part of another morning home with you. That excites me.
I feel like I'm getting a bit of a cough so I'm going to load up on some OJ and hummus. Who knows if hummus will help anything, but it's the healthiest dip I have in the house. And mommy loves her dips!
More later!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (of 24 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
So somehow, I missed a week. Oops.
Last week we had another doctor appointment. It was a pretty easy one. Pee in a cup, measure my belly, listen to your heartbeat, and that was basically it. I was right about the big jump in weight. Maybe two helpings of everything was a little too much.........;)
I realized that I haven't told you about the silly dreams I've had. The most recent one was a dream where you were just born. For some reason I couldn't figure out when you needed to eat or needed your diaper changed, so it only happened like once a day. What a bad mommy! I promise I'll make sure you're fed and changed! The most hilarious dream actually involved labor and delivery. It wasn't too bad. Except what I gave birth to was a weiner dog. I felt really conflicted too because I wanted to show this puppy love, but I was really hoping to have an actual baby.
Earlier this week I decided to look at a few things for you. I found this funny little outfit that has a bib that looks like an alligator and when you lift it up, the onesie says "chomp chomp". Every time I look at it, it makes me laugh! I was a little upset with some of my options though. Do any expectant parents wait until the baby's born to find out the gender anymore? I would find a cute green or yellow outfit, but then it would have these little ruffles, or say something about being a boy. Why can't it just be a cute non-gender specific outfit?!
Sorry this blog is a little short, but there hasn't been too much new stuff going on lately. Maybe I'll think of some fun stuff later!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 22 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
I apologize that this post may not be that interesting. Not a lot has changed lately, but I'll report anyway......
This morning it was so pretty outside. The snow/icy mixture collected on the trees and it's very white. Daddy took some pictures. He always gets good pictures of stuff like that. I try, but it just doesn't happen. That's why we've decided Daddy should get a camera(he doesn't have one yet, and mine is going down the tubes). So before you're born, Daddy will have a nice new camera and he'll be in charge of taking cool pictures so I can scrap them!
You've been moving a lot more. Sometimes when you kick, it feels so goofy it makes me squeeze my legs together. I don't know if you're trying to kick your way out, but it's way too early. Stay put and kick somewhere else!
I've also been eating A LOT. One morning I ate two huge bowls of mulitgrain cheerios, and then my mid morning snack was like 4 muffins. I'm not exactly sure how much I've gained, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a big jump at this next appointment.
This weekend we get to visit our good friends Ali & Josh and Andrea & Justin. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like, but it's always great to spend time together. The last time we saw them, I just found out I was pregnant with you and spilled the beans to the girls. Daddy didn't find out I told them until a week or two later. It's hard to keep anything from these ladies!!
Auntie Steffie said that this pregnancy is reminding her of when she was pregnant with your cousin Abby. She thought maybe that signaled delivery of a smaller baby. Score! Abby was pretty petite when she was born. Maybe 6 lbs? I mean I'll be happy however you come out as long as you are healthy, but if you're about 6-7 lbs and ready to go, don't be afraid to get things rolling. I'll be ready.
Daddy's gotten to deliver about three babies now. He comes home grinning after each one. This makes me think that maybe he should play more of a role in delivering you too. How cool would that be? Daddy and I have talked about the possibility, but I also wonder how much I'm going to need him as that support person. We'll keep you updated. But it would be kinda cool that your Dad could be the first person to hold you.
My emotions have been running wild. I cry when reading other friends' blogs or looking at pictures of babies that have been recently born. Or I'll snap if Daddy ate my banana (food is very important). And then get over it. Good thing your father is very patient.
Sleeping is getting even more interesting. Last night I so badly wanted to sleep on my back, but you're getting bigger and making it uncomfortable on my legs and back. I do use the body pillow, but sometimes that makes the bed so full that I'd rather go without. Surprisely Prudence takes up a lot of room. She usually has to sleep right in between Daddy and I. Until she gets too hot. Then she moves to the floor. And then back up to the bed by morning. But anyway, I can tell that my back is getting a little more work. We do excercises at night that really help. Cat/Cow is wonderful. Plus, some of them are supposed to help with labor.
Wow, I can easily ramble. Time for a shower maybe? I think so. We'll talk soon!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

This one is probably my favorite......super cute......

If you're looking really closely, it's the cord, not a gender deciding piece......;)

This one's pretty cool, you can see your profile really clearly...

You like to have your hands up to your face.....

Just a few images from our 20 week ultrasound!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 20 Weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
Well, today we had our 20 week ultrasound and it looks like you have all of the right parts in the right places. At one point, you had your hands together by your face and even the x-ray tech thought you looked like you were praying. It was pretty neat to see all the images. When we got home, Daddy said "so do you think baby looks like you or me?" And I answered "Well, it has a pointy chin like you, but it doesn't have a turtle nose, so that must be from me." (Daddy has this joke with some of his friends that he has a turtle nose. I have no idea what a turtle nose is supposed to look like, but Jake's sister said it once and it stuck.) Even during the ultrasound, you were a mover. And now I understand why I don't always feel it. Apparently I have an anterior placed placenta, which means it's sitting on the front of my belly. So when you are kicking and punching, it has more of a barrier to get through. Although, I'm pretty sure you were doing some summersaults during the sermon Sunday. When I told Grandpa Ben, he suggested you were just trying to help Pastor Debra empahasize her points by punching little "Amens"!
In other news, Daddy has started reading to you. So far we are checking out the Sandra Boynton books and he thinks they are pretty hilarious. I do often think about what sounds are going on around me, and what sounds you might be picking up. Will Prudence's bark really bother you if you've been hearing it this long? What do you think of pep band and band rehearsal when Mommy's teaching?
We've started pre-natal classes which are pretty interesting. I don't know if it's the fact that I like any type of school or classes(especially ones that really apply to something pressing), or the fact that it's confirming what I've been studying up on so I don't feel like an uniformed pregnant woman, or maybe I like meeting all of the people in the hospital that I could possibly work with when it comes to labor and delivery day. I'm not going to lie, I do really look forward to the juice and cookies/crackers they always have available. So far we've worked on nutrition(and I really need to be better at my veggies) with the dietician, learned about possible drugs from the nurse anesthetist (holy cow I can't spell that), cesareans and other possible complications from the ob/gyn and a typical birth with a family practice doctor. I've really liked everyone so far, and that makes me feel good about labor. We also got a tour of the birthing center and there just happened to be a baby in the nursery. She was such a little peanut with a ton of hair. I almost cried because she was so cute and I thought "holy cow I'm going to have one of those!" (These weren't tears of fear, it was mostly of joy and excitement.) A few things have surprised me during class: 1. I guess I'm one of the few that actually follows the recommendations on the pamphlet. They said to attend class in your first or second trimester. So I did. I am the only one in class who isn't basically about to pop. At first I felt ackward about it, but then daddy reminded me that I'm just on the ball. 2. The epidural needle didn't scare me. Even when she passed it around, I didn't have a problem with it. Of course I don't really need to watch it being administered, but I'm not afraid about it poking me. I have a lot of confidence in those medical people. Plus I really liked the nurse that presented it. (I also got a Baby Ruth because I was the only one that asked a question!) 3. It still is a little hard to watch an actual birth. We watched two (one with, one without an epidural) and I'm sure glad that I really don't have to see what's going on down there. I have no doubt you will be beautiful, but man it's pretty gross when you get delivered. I don't know how your dad does it.
My kids at school are very interested in you. They give suggestions every day as to what we should name you. Also, every time I mention a musical person to emphasize a point, they think I brought it up because that's what we're naming you. Like this morning in jazz when I told them the recording had Maynard Ferguson on it who was a screamer. Three kids then said "that's it, you're naming it Maynard!" They will say anything to waste time!
I still eat a lot, but it's hard to tell how much my belly is really growing. My students tell me which shirts make me look more pregnant and which ones don't. Lately my favorite foods include fruity pebbles, lettuce salad with thousand island dressing, bars, and peanut butter and banana sandwiches. (I've tried to stay away from the sandwich meat after all that talk about listeria. Not quite sure how I'll be able to give up my subway, but maybe I'll just find a new favorite sandwich.)
And all that talk of food has made me hungry again.......I'll go finish off last nights fettucine alfredo.
Talk to you next week!