Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of 3 months)

You exhaust your mother. We're just putting that on the table right off the bat. I'm not complaining, just stating a fact. On with the news:
About a week and a half ago, you rolled over. And you did it a lot! Both at home and daycare. Mommy was so excited when it happenned that Prudence was worried and started barking. Of course, now you stopped showing off this new skill and Daddy hasn't gotten to see it. BUT.....
Last night Daddy made you laugh! And it was only for Daddy. You thought he was absolutely hilarious. He was just talking to you after changing your diaper and you cracked up. Best sound ever.
Both Mommy and Daddy like reading bedtime stories to you. One of our favorite books right now are these nursery rhyme board books that Frauntie Lisa bought you. They have pretty colors, lots of stories and are nice and sturdy for babies. Mommy usually sings the ones she knows the tunes to and reads the rest. But Daddy, well, he interprets them for you. Example: Ring Around the Rosie=Bubonic Plague. Both you and I listened that night. We learn a lot from Daddy. But a note of warning: sometimes Daddy makes up stuff. Like medical words. He adds "itis" to anything and tries to convince you that it's a real illness. He's smart, but not that smart. Just kidding!
You are supposed to be getting about 18 hours of sleep according to the baby books. I don't know what type of schedule you are on, because one day (while you were home with Mommy) you only took a few half hour naps during the day and then slept your normal 6 + 3 hours at night. But then the next day at daycare, you take about three 1 1/2-2 hour naps and sleep the same at night. And you aren't crabby. Man, when I don't get enough sleep.....I turn into a monster!
You still eat about every 2-2 1/2 hours. Word has it that pretty soon you start stretching those outs, but eat more at a time. We'll see.
You love to watch TV. Specifically football with Daddy. Or maybe you just like hanging out with Daddy?
Your neck is still really strong, but you don't quite lift your chest all the way up. Your next milestone should be trying to sit up, but you really don't have an interest in that.
Last night, you played in your activity center for I swear like 45 minutes. Daddy just sat by you and worked on the computer while I tried to get some house stuff done and you just kept talking, and playing. You bat at all the toys and were grabbing the puppy one. I thought at one point you were going to grab Prudy's tail, but luckily she moved. It will be interesting when that happens for the first time.
Speaking of Prudy.......she's needs to go out....more later.....

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