Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear McCoy: (of five months)

Dear McCoy:

Well, you are a big solid food eater now. Actually we're just up to rice cereal twice a day, and you've tried oatmeal cereal too, but it's still exciting. By the end of this week we should be able to start veges. You love your cereal and eat quite a bit at a setting. And of course it's messy! You also eat baby rice cakes and banana puffs.

You still love baths. One time, Daddy was pouring water on your tummy and you tried to catch it. It was pretty entertaining.

Prudence is not so fond of you lately. You are really interested in her and try to pet her. She didn't mind that until you grabbed her ear and pulled. Now she keeps her space.

You've finally started to fit into some of your 6/3-6 month clothes. Especially your sleepers. You were just getting too long for them!

You are currently working on sitting up. You are close, but we have a little work to do yet.

Right now you sleep from about 10am-5am. And that's our rule. Most of the time you remember that.

You love to grab faces and eat them. I like to pretend you are giving kisses.

Well, time to get some supper ready.

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