Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 15 weeks)

So it's 5am and I've been wide awake for about two hours. It's Saturday though, so I'm not too worried about it. I have been having a harder time sleeping, but it's not that I'm feeling tired during the day. It's just usually harder to get back to sleep after my middle-of-the-night potty break. Oh well. Maybe life it just preparing me for the sleepless nights with you!
Well this past week we had another appointment with Dr. Leino. This one was super easy. And we got to hear your heartbeat. That was really reassuring. You were a mover too! Dr. Leino showed us how we could hear your little summersaults while listening to your heartbeat. Oh, and I only gained 5 pounds, which is good. It's not that I'm really worried about weight gain, but I just like to know I'm on the right track for your growth. Daddy's still freaking me out about the giant babies but it really hasn't stopped me from eating my chocolate!
We also got some staple items for when you show up. Auntie Steffie gave us this big pack of coupons from Target and it had a $5 off card if you spent $25 on baby stuff. So we have a some diapers (that should fit you as long as you aren't a preemie or a giant baby), a pacifier (which I hope you don't want to use anyway), wipes, and some necessary lotions, powders, A & D and baby wash. After it was all said and done, I saved about $20 on stuff we would have to buy eventually. This is how your Daddy and I are different. I like to plan ahead and Daddy would rather wait until we NEED something. Some say he's a little more practical, but in my mind, I saved money, so that's practical!
This second trimester is kinda funny because a lot of those pregnancy symtoms go away. Besides the growing belly and increased appetite, all those for sure signs have disappeared. Maybe this insomnia is a new pregancy symptom, but I can deal with that. It's much better than having to eat every two hours or face feeling queezy!
Other than that, life has been busy with school concerts, and daddy was busy studying for his surgery test. Not that they're all over we get to enjoy Christmas!
We'll talk again soon!

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