Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dear Baby Helland (Of 19 weeks):

Here's daddy at 13 weeks

This was mommy at 13 weeks

Mommy's starting to get a belly at 16 weeks

Daddy still doesn't have a belly at 16 weeks....

Starting to actually look like a baby belly at 18 weeks!

Still no baby belly for daddy at 18 weeks!
Dear Baby Helland (of 19 weeks):
So far we've been good at taking belly pictures about every two weeks. Your daddy is pretty silly and decided he should take belly pictures too. I think he's going to run out of goofy poses soon!
We had another visit with Dr. Leino on Friday. I only gained 4 pounds since her last visit which is surprising, because I really having been eating almost everything in sight. (Another example-last week daddy made a frozen pizza for supper. We each ate our half. I really could have eaten another half. So I waited a few minutes. Daddy left for his ER night and I waited a few more minutes. Finally I gave up and baked another frozen pizza. I ate half and kept the rest for leftovers. I am a bottomless pit.) This was the first visit where my belly got measured and she said we were right on target. We heard your heartbeat which was nice and strong again, and you were a mover. I still am not sure if I've felt you moving and that actually brought me to tears one night. I was a little emotional and told your daddy I felt like a horrible mommy because I couldn't tell the difference between gas and your kicks. Dr. Leino really said that it'll become more obvious in a week or two. So for now, I'll just guess as to when it's you and not supper.
The maternity clothes I ordered just arrived. I've found that Penney's, Target, Old Navy and Gap are my key places. I actually bought some dress pants that feel like I'm wearing sweatpants. Yay!
For some reason, labor has really been freaking me out lately. It's not that I thought it would be a walk in the park, but the pain associated with it stresses me out. Maybe it's that daddy is in his OB rotation right now and comes home saying, "You know, it's really going to hurt". He's not trying to be evil, he's just a realist. Maybe it's that I'm actually starting to look pregnant so it's becoming a little more real. Maybe it's because we're almost half way through this pregnancy and it seems to be going so fast. With our last few doctor visits, I've been a very calm patient. No need for xanax(I wouldn't anyway with you hanging out in my belly), great blood pressure, no super fast heartbeat. But I've known what to expect these last few visits and it's been low key. My fear (I've recently figured out) is that once I realize the day has arrived for you to make an appearance, I'll go back to being freakazoid patient because there will be pain, and it will be a long process. We discussed this with Dr. Leino and at least now I know that there are things (like Nubain) that could help me stay calm and not hurt you. A few moms have had some good advice though. Kim made the comparison that there are 365 days each year, and you live for many years, so if you spend even one in pain, but you get your baby, it's worth it. And one of my sisters (can't remember which one) said it's the worst pain you'll ever forget. I guess we'll just deal with that day when it arrives.
I worked on your room a little last week too. I set up some shelves I had sitting in the laundry room and organized all of the clothes and accessories that are waiting for you. Auntie Vicki also had us take the bassinet after Cade's party so that's also ready for you. But please wait until at least 35 weeks to make an appearance. I want you to be oober healthy, so stay and hang out for a while. We'll be reading some pretty awesome books in the coming weeks, so kick back and relax while we make it through the halfway point.
Talk to you in a week or two!

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