Friday, February 12, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 22 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
I apologize that this post may not be that interesting. Not a lot has changed lately, but I'll report anyway......
This morning it was so pretty outside. The snow/icy mixture collected on the trees and it's very white. Daddy took some pictures. He always gets good pictures of stuff like that. I try, but it just doesn't happen. That's why we've decided Daddy should get a camera(he doesn't have one yet, and mine is going down the tubes). So before you're born, Daddy will have a nice new camera and he'll be in charge of taking cool pictures so I can scrap them!
You've been moving a lot more. Sometimes when you kick, it feels so goofy it makes me squeeze my legs together. I don't know if you're trying to kick your way out, but it's way too early. Stay put and kick somewhere else!
I've also been eating A LOT. One morning I ate two huge bowls of mulitgrain cheerios, and then my mid morning snack was like 4 muffins. I'm not exactly sure how much I've gained, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was a big jump at this next appointment.
This weekend we get to visit our good friends Ali & Josh and Andrea & Justin. I don't get to see them nearly as much as I would like, but it's always great to spend time together. The last time we saw them, I just found out I was pregnant with you and spilled the beans to the girls. Daddy didn't find out I told them until a week or two later. It's hard to keep anything from these ladies!!
Auntie Steffie said that this pregnancy is reminding her of when she was pregnant with your cousin Abby. She thought maybe that signaled delivery of a smaller baby. Score! Abby was pretty petite when she was born. Maybe 6 lbs? I mean I'll be happy however you come out as long as you are healthy, but if you're about 6-7 lbs and ready to go, don't be afraid to get things rolling. I'll be ready.
Daddy's gotten to deliver about three babies now. He comes home grinning after each one. This makes me think that maybe he should play more of a role in delivering you too. How cool would that be? Daddy and I have talked about the possibility, but I also wonder how much I'm going to need him as that support person. We'll keep you updated. But it would be kinda cool that your Dad could be the first person to hold you.
My emotions have been running wild. I cry when reading other friends' blogs or looking at pictures of babies that have been recently born. Or I'll snap if Daddy ate my banana (food is very important). And then get over it. Good thing your father is very patient.
Sleeping is getting even more interesting. Last night I so badly wanted to sleep on my back, but you're getting bigger and making it uncomfortable on my legs and back. I do use the body pillow, but sometimes that makes the bed so full that I'd rather go without. Surprisely Prudence takes up a lot of room. She usually has to sleep right in between Daddy and I. Until she gets too hot. Then she moves to the floor. And then back up to the bed by morning. But anyway, I can tell that my back is getting a little more work. We do excercises at night that really help. Cat/Cow is wonderful. Plus, some of them are supposed to help with labor.
Wow, I can easily ramble. Time for a shower maybe? I think so. We'll talk soon!

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