Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (of 24 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
So somehow, I missed a week. Oops.
Last week we had another doctor appointment. It was a pretty easy one. Pee in a cup, measure my belly, listen to your heartbeat, and that was basically it. I was right about the big jump in weight. Maybe two helpings of everything was a little too much.........;)
I realized that I haven't told you about the silly dreams I've had. The most recent one was a dream where you were just born. For some reason I couldn't figure out when you needed to eat or needed your diaper changed, so it only happened like once a day. What a bad mommy! I promise I'll make sure you're fed and changed! The most hilarious dream actually involved labor and delivery. It wasn't too bad. Except what I gave birth to was a weiner dog. I felt really conflicted too because I wanted to show this puppy love, but I was really hoping to have an actual baby.
Earlier this week I decided to look at a few things for you. I found this funny little outfit that has a bib that looks like an alligator and when you lift it up, the onesie says "chomp chomp". Every time I look at it, it makes me laugh! I was a little upset with some of my options though. Do any expectant parents wait until the baby's born to find out the gender anymore? I would find a cute green or yellow outfit, but then it would have these little ruffles, or say something about being a boy. Why can't it just be a cute non-gender specific outfit?!
Sorry this blog is a little short, but there hasn't been too much new stuff going on lately. Maybe I'll think of some fun stuff later!

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