Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 31 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland:
We had another doctor's visit last week and it was another simple one. We're measuring right on, your heartbeat is where it should be and all else seems to be going well. It's pretty crazy to think that if you choose to arrive, you would probably be just fine. Even though you are about 3 1/2-4 pounds, and would still be a preemie, your chances of ending up healthy are very good. This is reassuring, but at the same time, a little scary. I'm hoping you stay put for a while yet.
It seems that once you are expecting, everyone likes to share their birthing stories. This is all fine and dandy as long as views aren't being forced onto me. I don't mind hearing how things panned out for other mothers. I've just learned that if I just listen, but not necessarily share my plan, things go more smoothly during those conversations. Normally I'm the type of person that needs to plan everything to a tee. This is the one time in my life that I'm going without a set plan. Dr. Leino, Daddy and I know what we are open to and some things that we would like, but if I have too many things set in place and they don't happen (so many things can change!) I could be disappointed and get too focused on the things that didn't go my way. Here's our basic birth plan so far: If I'm getting too worked up and can't relax, we are open to pain meds including an epidural. The only people I want in the room include the medical team, me and Daddy. If all goes well, we'll have Daddy catch you. There you have it! Everything else will just happen as it happens. And I'm really happy with that plan.
I think I've started nesting. At very random times, I'll decide to clean or organize something. A few days ago, it was the basement music area and freezer. Tonight it was the floors, the bathroom and the trash cabinet. I still have a lot on my to-do list though. I've started making some of the Amish bread(the kind that you pass on to friends and it takes like 10 days to make but I discovered you can freeze the starter bags) because I thought it would be a nice treat for breakfast after you are born. I have a bunch of other meals that I plan on freezing to make things easier too. I'm itching to start making them, but I think I should wait just a little bit longer.
I also got the urge to start packing my hospital bag the other day. It's not completely ready, but it's started. I have your supplies in a pile and ready to go, but I was waiting until I bought your diaper bag to actually pack it.
Last weekend we had cousin Morgan's 16th birthday. (By the way, she's hoping you're a girl because she thinks they are more fun!) Morgan, Wilson and Payton really wanted to feel you move, but of course we never got the timing right. They had a lot of questions again. "Do you have any crazy cravings? Did you get morning sickness? Can you tell you're pregnant if you didn't look in the mirror? Do you have to wear stretchy pants? Are you going to get much bigger?" Well my answers were, "Not really, I just like to eat a lot. No. Kinda because baby moves so much. Yes, have for a few months now. Probably!" I took it as a compliment that three teenage girls thought I was small for being 7 months pregnant. (They are usually quite honest and blunt.)
I've been getting a lot of sleep lately. It's not that I'm so sleepy, I just sometimes feel like taking a nap. Maybe subconsciously, my body knows I won't be getting much sleep after you arrive so we are storing up! I guess last night I didn't get as much sleep as usual because of the thunderstorms. It was the first of the season which was exciting, but it was a little loud and bright. Daddy had a hard time sleeping too.
Knowing that you will arrive within the next 9 weeks means that I only have about 8 weeks left of school. There is a lot to do before then! We have a bunch of performances to get through before school can end. I'm hoping you at least stay put until I finish all of the concerts. After that, it'll be smooth sailing and I'll probably just have to keep busy so I don't get too anxious for your arrival!
Time for mommy to see what else she can check off of her to-do list!

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