Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 33 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 33 weeks)
I'm not sure how I missed week 32, but oh well.
Another doctor's appointment this week. All is well still. Dr. Leino felt around on my tummy to see how you were sitting and at that moment you were butt up. Then she found your heartbeat right away. It was faster than normal, but she said that is a good sign because it means you aai reactive. After about a minute it went right back to normal. She also said that we measured about one centimeter big, but she isn't worried about you being huge because you feel like a smaller baby. Before this appointment I had been getting a little more worried about actual labor so I wanted to talk to her about pain meds again. Earlier in the pregnancy I focused on contractions and how long you could have them and how painful they could be. Lately it's the actual pushing that's been getting to me. Knowing that it could be hours of pushing was affecting me for some reason. When Daddy and I talk about this he reminds me that yes it may be tough, but I'll probably surprise myself on how strong I can be and that once you are placed on my tummy, I'll forget any pain I had. He's probably right. Ugh, enough about that.
Grandma and Grandpa Helland came up one night this week to bring some baby stuff they found for us. Grandma Denise found two Pack N' Plays and I chose to keep the green one. (I think sage green might be my favorite color, I choose it for a lot of things!) Prudence had to test out both of them. We make her do some goofy stuff. Grandma Denise also found a bouncer for us which will be nice to have.
On Friday morning I went on my first garage sale-ing excursion of the year. I found three sales that advertised baby and maternity stuff. One of them was awesome. Tons of nice clothes for me in my prego state that I'll have for a few more months and lots of baby stuff. I only bought one sleeper for you but I'm thinking that after you are born, we'll go check some out together and get some gender specific clothes.
Tomorrow we get to go help Jessi and Ben move into their new house! A lot of our friends are in that place in life where they are buying homes. It's exciting. Your Daddy and I might have things backwards since we chose to have you first, but we also have a goofy life set up for the next few years with Daddy finishing up school. Oh well. Someday we'll have a house where Mommy can have a real piano and Daddy can have an actual battleship room instead of a closet;)
I'm feeling the effects of pregnancy a lot lately. My back gets sore more easily, I can't be on my feet as long without feeling the need to sit down and I can't run up and down the stairs at school like I used to. It could be a lot worse, but this takes some adjusting. Daddy even said I've got the start of a waddle going in my walk!
The nesting thing is still happening. It's making me so productive. Last weekend I cooked about 2 weeks worth of meals to freeze. I even froze some sweets for us. Daddy may have started nesting too. He could also be procrastinating too. Either one works for me!
Well, the current baby of the house (Prudence) needs some attention. We'll talk next week!

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