Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Baby Helland: (We made it!)

We survived our doctor visit! Dr. Leino is way awesome and I'm really glad she's working with us. Thanks daddy for recommending her! It was a little too early to hear your heartbeat, but Dr. Leino got us an ultrasound so we already have two pictures of you! You look just like a peanut or a bean, but I guess that's normal.
I stopped right away at the bank because I knew your aunt Steffie would be at work. When I showed her your picture her response was. "I was so right! I guessed it a few weeks ago". I figured the sisters could sense it. Then I quickly texted auntie Vicki, who was at the volleyball game with the rest of your aunts on that side, and Grandpa Ben. Your cousin Payton responded with "I've been waiting for this since the day you said 'I do'". Once I knew auntie Kristen would be out of school, I called her and her response was "Shut up!". She reminded me that Grandpa and Grandma Helland were on their way to California, so I should call them before their flight leaves. So I did. They sounded pretty excited. Finally I got ahold of Erik, who was already in Cali for his game, and he sounded pretty pumped too. Everybody reacted much better than they did in my dream last night. (In my dream, no one seemed to care, so I just stopped telling people and got really sad about having a baby.) I feel a little bad that Daddy didn't get to tell many people, but we still have our close friends to tell. Once he gets home from work, I'll ask if he wants to call them.
I also rewarded myself (for doing pretty well at the appointment) by getting McDonald's Chicken Nuggets, and buying you something. I decided on some little tiny mittens so you wouldn't scratch your face. I knew it was something that the sisters didn't really have in their supplies, and it was inexpensive so Daddy would be ok with it! Last time I was in the baby aisle, I swear they had cuter unisex colored newborn stuff. I don't really want a whole lot of yellow. I like the sage green and browns better. But there is always the yellow. Maybe I'll just have to learn to live with it.
Well, exhaustion has hit again and if I'm going to stay awake and watch a movie with your father, I better get that nap in now!!


  1. Yea! I like the greens and browns, too. We have a lot of brown and I'm so glad we did it this way.

    I'm SO SO happy for you two!

  2. You should dress your baby in all black everything. It would be a bad ass baby.