Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Baby Helland: (of 11 weeks)

Yep, we're now at 11 weeks and actually feeling pretty good. Yes, we are still really tired all of the time. And we have to eat like every two hours. But at least you are craving chocolate again. I just wasn't feeling like myself without that daily dose of chocolate. This week we also got the H1N1 vaccine. I was a little worried about getting some small reactions like a headache or nausea, but nothing but a sore arm. This week when Daddy was working in the ER one night, I went through all of the tubs from the sisters. We now have maternity clothes, toys, feeding supplies, baby clothes, burp rags and blankets. The maternity clothes was not exactly exciting because I just could not see myself wearing a lot of it. It's not that my sisters have bad taste, it's just been like 6-7 years since they've been pregnant. Old Navy has some cuter stuff out now! But there were some staple items that I will be able to use. Going through the toys was pretty funny. Prudence had to smell them all. Luckily she didn't try to play with any of them, but there was a police car that actually looked like a sqeaky toy. Since it looks so much like a dog toy, it might not be for you Baby Helland. There was a lot of girls clothes in the tubs. I found some neutral stuff in each size though. We're just lacking some hats, bibs and booties. Oh, and this past week, two HUGE babies were born at the hospital. Like 10 pounds each. I would be happy with 7 lbs. Try to work on that Baby Helland. Well, Mommy gets to choose the movie tonight so we better pick out our chick flick. Keep growing Baby Helland (but not too much)!

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  1. Your blog is so fun to read! You're so cute and you're going to be such a wonderful mommy! If I may, I have a recommendation on maternity clothes: get whatever you want for tops but splurge a little on the jeans. I was given that advice and didn't hold to it as well as I wish I would have. The cheap ones just aren't as comfy and don't hold up as well. (Or to save some green, check out some consignment shops with maternity clothes and keep your eyes peeled for some nice brands.) Hope everything continues to go well!