Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dear Baby Helland: (9 weeks)

Yep, we've made it to 9 weeks already! We've survived a birthday party and auntie Kristen staying over without spilling the beans. Auntie Kristen actually found the pregnancy books in the spare room (I didn't hide them very well, they just sat on the bookshelf), and asked so mommy had to fib a bit. But man am I itching to tell. We have it all planned out how to tell each family member. Maybe it's silly, but we like to think up a little trick or story to throw them off guard. It's kinda like how we told Grandma Helland that me and your daddy were getting married. (Daddy called her up and said that he didn't want to date mommy anymore. He wanted to marry her instead.)
This week you also get to travel to the state volleyball tournament to watch your cousin Morgan play for the t-birds. It's been so fun to watch her this season! I can't wait until I get to make you a little t-shirt when we go watch her play in the next few years.
You've recently made mommy really sensitive to smells. While at the USD football game watching your uncle Erik (you'll also have a little t-shirt when you watch him play), mommy could smell every perfume, cologne, sweaty football player and hot dog lathered with ketchup. Ick.
"Morning" sickness has settled down a bit. I just now know that I need to eat every few hours, and I need to have a lot of options as for what to eat, because I've been very picky. You still make mommy crave more meat than chocolate. Mmmm, jerky.
In three days we get to go to the doctor and see how you're doing. It'd be awesome if we could hear your heartbeat or get a little picture of you, but daddy isn't really sure that we get to do that at this appointment. Our doctor is going to be Dr. Leino which is cool because daddy actually stayed with her and worked with her during his first two years at Med School. Yes, I'm still freaking out a little about the blood thing, but frauntie(friend+aunt) Jessi said it really only takes about a minute or two and it's done. And once it's over, I get to tell!!!
I have been very good about not buying anything for you yet. First I need to see what's really in the bins that are at Auntie Steffie's. We're very lucky that we'll have a lot of stuff from them. We don't have to buy a lot of the big stuff that makes having babies so expensive. More money for fun stuff!
Well, more after the appointment! I hope you're doing well in there!

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