Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 34 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 34 weeks)
It's really crazy to think that we have less than six weeks to go until we actually get to meet you. It had seemed like it would take forever for nine months to pass, and now it's almost over. I hope you wait until Mommy gets done with all of her performances at the end of this school year to arrive, but after that, you're welcome to be born any day!
I feel like my belly is growing faster now than it has been the other months. I have to catch myself sometimes because I'll think I can just "run" somewhere quick or move some big thing to where I want it, but it's a lot more difficult now. So far I haven't had any contractions or real pains, but my feet are getting a beating. Even daddy thought my feet needed some TLC!
Daddy has been putting jazz music on the ipod and setting the earbuds on my tummy so you can listen. He really wants you to be exposed to jazz music. I haven't been able to tell if you have really reacted, but maybe next time you could kick a bit so Daddy feels like he's getting somewhere!
Mommy and Daddy got a new toy this week. Remember that new camera I had mentioned before? Well, we have it now! Plus an extra lens. Daddy has been playing a lot with it and understands so much more about what it is capable of. Mommy isn't so patient, but I've been trying to play with it a bit. He's gonna take such cool pictures of you though!
We have another doc appointment this week. Should be another simple one. The next time we go, it's an every week occurance. I used to get so worked up before any doc appointment, and now they seem like no big deal. I hope I stay this calm when you decide to make your arrival. If you just want to basically jump out when I say ok............that'd really help Mommy out! Ha!
Well, sorry this is a short and kinda boring post, but there isn't too much to report right now!
We'll talk soon!

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  1. Boring? This post is awesome because you got your new camera. Tell Tyler he can come play cameras with me whenever he wants. The jazz on the iPod is totally something I would do too.


    P.S. you should give me details on the extra lens.