Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 39 weeks)

Dear Baby Helland: (Of 39 weeks)
Just got back from another doc appointment. TMI: 1-2 centimeters dilated, 70 % effaced and membranes majorly stripped again to get things going. Measured right on, and weight didn't change from the last appointment. TMI done.
Dr. Leino warned us that there is a possibility we might have to be induced. Everything is looking perfect for delivery, but she just likes to warn people and I could be just one of those people who doesn't go into labor on their own. I really hope we go into labor on our own. We have one more appointment next Thursday, and if you haven't arrived yet, we start setting up the dates. Her hope is that we set things up and prepare for induction and then you just decide to make an appearance on your own. I work that way too. I am currently scheduled to play for a service this Sunday and next Wednesday in hopes that I won't be able to play for the Wednesday one because you are on your way, or have just recently arrived. It's not that I don't enjoy playing, I just figure if I plan stuff, you're more likely to show up!
Speaking of labor, if I said I was looking foward to it, I would be a huge liar. To be quite honest, I'm scared. People keep saying "You must be getting so excited!" Excited to find out your gender-yes, to take you home-yes, to highlight my hair and have a beer-yes, to wear pants iwth a zipper-yes. To have days worth of pain-no. Like I said before, the worst pain I've had was an infected root canal. How on earth am I going to handle hours upon hours of the worst pain I've ever felt. Will I get drugs? Yes. No doubt. But then there is the pushing thing. That could be a few hours too. Gr. Some people worry about taking you home, I worry about getting you out!!
Last night both Daddy and I had dreams about you. His dream was about changing your diaper. I guess you were wearing a size 6 (which is like enormous, wait do they go up to that size?!) and couldn't figure out what size to put back on you, at which point I suggested a size 2 1/2 (pretty sure they don't make 1/2 sizes!). Then you started making a poopy mess and Mommy ended up taking care of it. Oh and in his dream, you were a boy. Mommy had two dreams recently. In one, it was delivery time, but the nurses were basically no where to be found and Daddy ran off to get something and never came back. I wasn't sad or mad in the dream, I was just frustrated that I was left alone! Then in last nights dream, I was at today's appointment and was ditched again. Dr. Leino and Daddy left me naked to go take care of another delivery. In my dreams I never got through delivery so I'm not sure what sex you were.
Remember before when I said I thought you were a girl? Well, now I'm starting to rethink that. No idea why. Still don't care either way. But as of today, my guess is that you are a boy.
And I'll take a gander as to when you'll arrive...........either the 14th, 16th or 18th. Do I have a thing with even numbers? Yes. Does it really matter? No. I won't be like Pam on "The Office" and try to hold you in until midnight hits. Your cousin Allie would like if you arrived the 18th because then she gets a dollar. She's not sure who it's from, but she remembers someone saying she'll get a dollar, so she's hoping for the 18th. I'd be ok with that. Then you'd share your birthday with Frauntie Naomi.
Mommy's belly is making things noticibly more difficult. I pull up a chair to the table where I normally would, and then have to back it up because I don't quite fit. If I try to turn to sleep on the other side in bed, I have to lift myself all the way up and flip over. Even getting off the couch, I need to scoot all the way to the edge and then push myself up. Am I complaining? Not really, just stating some facts. If this is the way things have to be for you to be healthy(which Dr. Leino says you are) then so be it. Just don't be surprised if I ask Daddy to get me some chocolate because it's too much work for me to do it myself.
I don't think I've quite nested yet. Yesterday however, I filed all the paid bills, paid all the June bills so I didn't have to think about them the rest of the month, balanced my checkbook and organized some music in binders. Is there more to be done? You bet. The oven is a disaster and the shower could use a scrubbing. Actually all the floors could. Maybe I'll tackle that tomorrow. On today's schedule: Make Hudson some lunch (he's been staying over while his parents take cousin Wilson to orientation at Iowa State), get hair cut (it's driving me nuts and I do not do well with long hair!), and hopefully go to the Ice Cream Social at Aunt and Uncle-Jodi and Dave's church (the BEST turkey salad sandwiches).
Tomorrow night I think Grandpa Ben is going to bring the changing table/dresser. I have a feeling you won't arrive yet because you know how badly mommy wants to organize everything in that room (for about the 18th time).
Well, I'm going to try to get some pictures up of Wilson's ceremony quick. Maybe see you within a week???

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