Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear McCoy: (Of One Month)

Dear McCoy: (Of One Month)
*Today is actually your 4th week, but it's not the 17th. I'm blogging today because I have time. If enough changes before the 17th, I'll add it in!
I can't believe we've made it to that one month mark. You've already grown and changed so much. Your neck is getting very strong. Your legs are strong and are always kicking. You love being swaddled in a nice soft blankey in order to take a nap. And Mommy or Daddy needs to walk around with you swaddled for you to actually fall asleep. Except at night. You get all cozy in your sleeper, eat, burp and fall right asleep in your bassinet. Right now you sleep in the same room as Mommy and Daddy. You've gotten a few kisses on your toes from Prudence. You don't mind her barking at all. You really don't care for your paci's anymore. Your eyes are a beautiful dark blue just like your Daddy's and I hope they stay that way. You enjoy stroller rides and long walks to the library or around town. So far you've had Mommy and Daddy both home with you during the day. You've had many visitors and have generally been very good for them. Mommy and you had a lot of learning to do while nursing, but now we've basically figured each other out. You toot a lot! You like to take naps in your bouncy seat which sits in your play pen so that Prudy can't get to you if Mommy or Daddy ever needs to leave the room. You HATE having a wet diaper and need it changed immediately. You and Mommy have read a lot of books. You love when Daddy helps you fly like Superman. You like laying on the couch and "working out the toots" or playing bicycle. You like looking at your black and white picture book and will look for the rattles when we shake them. You'll even track them a bit. You've been to two weddings. One you were pretty cranky, unless Frauntie Jessi was holding you, and the other you were really good and let everyone hold you. You have an adorable smile, but right now it's not in reaction to your Mom or Dad. You used to like car rides, but the last few you have screamed most of the way. You've been to church once and were basically an angel. (At least that's what it seemed like. Mommy was playing piano and didn't hear you once.) You had a hard time gaining weight at first, but now you are making up for lost time. At last check you were 9 lbs 1 oz and 20 1/2 inches. You scream during your baths. You like to be held up, or facing outward so you can see the world. Lately, you have been very awake in the mornings, and very sleepy in the evenings. You still wear all of your newborn clothes. Some are finally getting a little snug, and some are still pretty big for you. You have 5 pairs of shoes and Mommy thinks they are awesome. It's been a month filled with Mommy and Daddy trying to figure out the parenting thing, while you are just trying to figure out the world. It's been a crazy month, and your Mommy and Daddy are excited for the next.

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