Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Mr. McCoy: Of 5 weeks

Mr. McCoy:
You are already a man of 5 weeks. This has been a very trying week for you and Mommy. Daddy has been in Texas for a week so we've been living the single parent life. Whew, I'm glad this week is almost done. You had good days and not so good days. On the not so good days, you won't let me put you down for 10 minutes. Even when you are sleeping, you need to be held. Don't get me wrong, I like holding you, but my arms, back, neck-everything gets sore after a few hours. Sometimes I wonder if you don't get enough sleep during the day so you are over tired and just get cranky. Because of that whole weight gain issue, I've been feeding you religiously every two hours, except at night. So, it's been-eat for 30-40 minutes, fall asleep for 5 minutes, mommy tries to put you down and you wake up angry, she changes your diaper, swaddles you and walks around with you as you fight sleep, then you fall asleep, and after about 20 minutes, we do the whole thing again. But today, I let you take a long morning nap, which meant you skipped a feeding (but the previous one you got a supplement, so I was hoping that evened things out), but when you woke up for the next one, you ate really well and were happily awake until the next feeding. Did you just need a longer nap? Who knows.
Other news: You have found yourself in the mirror and it's really fun to watch you watch yourself. You enjoy your playtime in your activity center(the one that you just lay in on the floor). Prudence also enjoys her playtime in the activity center! You like to look at your little book with the black and white pictures, and will follow a rattle across your face. I think you've flashed me a smile that wasn't gas, but I can't always get you to do it on cue, so maybe it's still just gas! You laugh/smile in your sleep and it's hilarious. You still wear all of your newborn clothes. Today you accidentally hit the toys that hang on your carseat and were surprised that they made noise. That was pretty entertaining. You generally take your last feeding at 10pm, wake up at 2am to eat and then are ready to wake up for the day between 5:30am and 6:30am. You are a morning person. You are very alert after your first morning feeding. You still hate baths, and are still super gassy. I love watching you make your silly faces and when you stretch when I change your diaper. Hopefully by the next posting we'll be seeing lots of smiles and maybe catch a few on camera!

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