Friday, July 9, 2010

Prudence's Reaction

So Prudence has been known to be a very spoiled weiner dog. Daddy and I will be the first to admit it. She has full reign of the house while we are away, she sometimes gets people food, she sleeps in bed with us, and is allowed on whatever furniture she likes. I was a bit nervous as to how Prudy would handle not being the baby anymore. I thought she was acting a bit more depressed a few weeks before your due date, but that honestly could have been in my head. When you were born, Grandpa Ben came to get Prudy and she stayed with them for a few days. She loves it at the farm. I guess she did miss us though. Grandma and Grandpa said that she would check upstairs every so often, just to check if we were up there. When we brought you home from the hospital, Prudence wasn't home yet either. We decided to get a day or two of parenthood under our belt before adding Prudy into the mix. And then one morning, Grandma and Grandpa brought her back. Daddy went outside first to greet her and brought one of your blankets to smell. I don't think she noticed the blanket because she was too busy kissing Daddy. Then we switched and I went outside to greet her while Daddy stayed with you inside. Once Prudy was all kissed out, we brought her in and I honestly don't think she noticed you right away. You were sleeping and she was busy making sure that everything was where she left in. We didn't let her get too near to you though. At one point, you were sleeping in your pack and play and Prudy saw you moving. She then got very curious. You started to fuss and Daddy went to pick you up. Prudy started to paw at the pack and play and barked. Daddy and I were quick to reprimand Prudence, and I think she got it. Since then, she has never barked at you. Even when you are screaming your lungs out, she acts completely normal. She very patiently waits while we hold you, until it's her turn to give us kisses. She doesn't try to jump on you, but every once and a while she tries to sneak a sniff or a lick at your feet. Someday you two will be great friends, but as for now, we will be very careful. I really think Prudence has matured since you arrived. She has been such a great puppy and has reacted much better than I thought she was. She is even so kind as to keep my spot warm in bed when I have to get up in the middle of the night to feed you. And she's still as great of a cuddler as she's always been. Maybe someday she'll get to cuddle with you too.

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