Wednesday, October 28, 2009

7 weeks and feeling the effects.

Yep it's hit now. Mornings are pretty rough. It doesn't really get better until midafternoon. But it's a weird type of nausea. It's not necessarily that I need to hurl. It's just an overall icky feeling and nothing sounds good to eat. By supper time, I'm finally hungry, but only for bacon. I could seriously eat bacon everyday. I sometimes question whether this baby is really mine because chocolate has not been appealing. I think it actually has been days since I've had chocolate. And that NEVER happens. I'm a Schuft. Schuft's have chocolate after every meal.
Oh and I'm even more exhausted. Right now, I'm fighting to stay up past 7pm. Sleeping has been interesting as well. Getting up to pee a few times a night, (ok it's usually only once, but one night I had to get up twice!) is not super fun. Then finding a comfortable sleeping position is difficult. Sleeping on my tummy is bad for my neck, sleeping on my back hurts my back and sleeping on my side isn't very satisfying. I've tried the pillow between the legs thing, but I don't know that it really works.
Ty and I are getting pretty anxious to tell people. I'd like to have a better excuse as to why I look and feel horrible, and carry saltines everywhere. Two to three weeks and we should get past the doctors appointment. Then we'll be able to spread the news.
So yes, this one was a lot of complaining, but since I can't really tell anyone besides Ty, you get it all on here. I'll try to be a bit more positive next time!

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