Monday, October 19, 2009

Well, sadly, today I'm home with the icks. I haven't been sick yet this year and I don't think it's the H1N1 flu because I don't have a fever, but I still feel icky. It could be because of the baby. If it is, then I just need to buck up and deal with it! It's hard to be home from school, but luckily, they get an actual music teacher for their sub. And it just happens to be a fellow Morris grad. How lucky is that! It can be really sketchy when a sub is needed for band or choir. I tried really hard to have recordings made last year so that my kids never had study halls. I just don't believe in them. Period. Study halls really mean "get into whatever trouble you want to". So yeah, thanks for stepping in Brian!
Speaking of my job this year, let's talk about that for a bit:
I'm lucky I found a position that was close to Glencoe. Yes it's part time, but it's a teaching job. I'm trying really hard to get these kids to where they should be. They haven't been given much attention so we're doing a lot of catch up. I'm a lot more strict this year than I was up the in the Bay, but I think it's because these kids need it more. Or it could be that what they had previously was soooooo lax, that I'm just structured but it comes off as strict. Whatever the case, I'm really trying. I haven't really dreaded going to work and only one day have I come home in tears(it was just an emotional day anyway). I really like teaching band, but sometimes I miss teaching choir. I loved my kids in the Bay. I felt like they would have done anything I asked. Or maybe that's just how groups of kids are different. Ty reminds me that it didn't start that way up in the Bay. So maybe next year it'll be different at LP.
And now onto living in Glencoe.....
I'm really happy where we are right now. We're close to both of our families, and close to both of our jobs. We're renting from family. Things just really fell into place and I need to remember how lucky I really am. I love being able to see Morgan & Payton's volleyball games, running down to LeCenter for a Friday night football game to support my father-in-law's team, or just helping out family by hanging out with some nieces and nephews while their parents finish up work. I did really miss teaching piano lessons. It would be even more convenient if they all could take place in one location instead of having to "rent" out a church or school, but that will come with time. And Prudence likes it too. She gets to go to the farm all the time, and is even warming up to our neighbor Pastor Ron (he bought treats for her, so everytime they met outside, she stopped barking and would actually let him pet her!).
Well, Ty just called that he's coming home too. I guess even doctors get sick. Prudence will have a lot of cuddling to do today. Mommy, daddy and baby need it!

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