Sunday, October 18, 2009

So what's new with the Helland's you ask:
Well, we are expecting! We found out on October 10th that Baby Helland is on the way. So far everything has been going well. Once we make it past our first 10 weeks and know that the baby is safe and healthy, which should land us at about Thanksgiving, we get to spill the beans to our families and friends. It'll be the 13th grandchild on my side, and the first on Ty's. Exciting times!

Other random thoughts:
*The Dominos commercials are driving Prudence nuts. They have such a real sounding doorbell that whenever that commercial plays, she runs to the door and barks for about 15 minutes.
*A sign that I'm getting old: Last night Ty and I went to the Mutemath concert at First Ave. Great concert, but all I could talk about after the concert was how loud it was (even with earplugs), how surprised we were that so many young people came out for it, and how annoying "the swayer" was in front of us. Seriously, this man took up so much space. I understand a slight bopping back and forth or feeling the need to shift your weight on your feet, but this man was horrible. I was so distracted by his moving that I almost missed when the drummer put the bass drum in the audience and stood on it. Oh, another sign I'm getting old-Instead of thinking "oh cool!" I thought, "that's so dangerous, he better not fall, he could get seriously injured!"

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